Good Omens Season 2 Ending, Explained: How Did Gabriel Lose His Memory?

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Prime Video’s ‘Good Omens’ returns with a second season, bringing the unlikely duo of angel Aziraphale and demon Crowley to our screens. In the last season, they joined forces to stop the Anti-Christ and prevent a war between Heaven and Hell, leading to Armageddon and the destruction of the world as they know and love it. They succeeded at that, but their collaboration became a cause for concern, leading them both to be ousted from their homes.

In the second season, we find the angel-demon duo living their best lives and doing the things they love. Their peace and calm are disturbed by the sudden and unexplained arrival of Archangel Gabriel, who has lost his memories. Despite Crowley’s inhibitions, Aziraphale decides to keep Gabriel at the bookshop. But this snowballs into a series of events that force Aziraphale and Crowley to pick sides. Here’s what the ending means for them. SPOILERS AHEAD

Good Omens Season 2 Recap

Image Credit: Mark Mainz/Prime Video

Gabriel arrives at Aziraphale’s bookshop with no memories and no clothes. He has a box, but it’s empty. Gabriel has forgotten everything about himself, including his name, and has no idea how and why he ended up outside the bookshop. He just knows that something terrible is about to happen but doesn’t remember what. Aziraphale is shocked and scared by this sudden turn of events. He knows that Heaven must be looking for Gabriel, but it’d be better if they don’t find him if he is in such a state. Then there is Hell. The demons would love to have an archangel in their control, which cannot be allowed to happen.

When Crowley discovers Gabriel at Aziraphale’s place, he doesn’t hesitate to express how dangerous it can be for his friend. However, he knows nothing will change Aziraphale’s mind, so he decides to help his friend anyway. Together, they perform a miracle that shields Gabriel and prevents anyone from Heaven or Hell from recognizing him. This will protect Gabriel, but the key to resolving this issue is to find out what happened to Gabriel and what terrible thing he had been talking about.

Good Omens Season 2 Ending: How Did Gabriel Lose His Memory?

Angels and demons waited six thousand years for Armageddon, so both sides were utterly displeased when it didn’t happen. They both wanted to go to war and end things once and for all, even if it meant the destruction of Earth and the entire human race. However, things didn’t pan out the way they wanted, and Gabriel and Beelzebub ended up being the generals of highly charged-up armies who were unhappy about not being able to go to war.

Image Credit: Mark Mainz/Prime Video

Following the failure of Armageddon, Gabriel, and Beelzebub met on neutral grounds to talk about what it would mean. They confessed that their armies were ready for the Second Armageddon. Instead of talking about whether or not to go to war anyway, they talked about how similar their roles were and how no one else understood what they had to go through as the leaders of their factions. This created a sense of camaraderie between them, which they fostered over subsequent meetings.

Just like Aziraphale and Crowley’s paths crossed over the millennia, Beelzebub and Gabriel also met in different pubs and talked about the things they never spoke of with their people. Slowly, they fell in love with each other, but they knew it was forbidden, so they didn’t talk about it. Eventually, the other Archangels started thinking about war again, and they pushed Gabriel to give the order, but he decided not to do it. He didn’t explain his decision but clarified that there would be no second Armageddon as long as he was the leader.

Michael and the other archangels grew frustrated with Gabriel, putting him on trial for refusing to do his job. As a punishment, he would be stripped of his memories and reduced to being a low-level angel. Before they could execute the sentence, Gabriel made the excuse of cleaning his desk. He removed his clothes, put his memories in the fly Beelzebub had given him inside a matchbox, and left Heaven. He planned to go to Hell to be with Beelzebub, but because he didn’t remember where he was going, he ended up outside Aziraphale’s house.

What Happens to Beelzebub and Gabriel?

Even though Aziraphale and Crowley hoped to keep Gabriel’s presence a secret, both Heaven and Hell deduced that the Archangel was in the bookshop. Shax attacks the bookshop with her legion of armies, and with no other option in sight, Aziraphale uses his halo to kill the demons. This is also an official move to declare war, which brings the angels and demons from Heaven and Hell into his bookshop.

Gabriel’s memories are restored using the fly, and he remembers everything. He tells Beelzebub he was coming to her, and their display of affection leads both Heaven and Hell to disown them. Both sides want to get their hands on them to punish them as they see fit, but Aziraphale makes them consider what Beelzebub and Gabriel want. They just want to be with each other, no matter where it is. Heaven and Hell make it clear that there will be no coming back once they leave, and Beelzebub and Gabriel are okay with that.

Crowley suggests they to got Alpha Centauri, the place he wanted to go with Aziraphale in case Armageddon happened, and the Earth was destroyed. It’s unclear whether Beelzebub and Gabriel go there or somewhere else, but wherever they go, they will be happy because they are together and in love.

Does Aziraphale Become Archangel? Why Didn’t Crowley Join Him?

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With Gabriel gone, the seat of the Archangel and the leader of Heaven is left empty. Michael and the others want to punish Aziraphale for helping Gabriel, but Metatron shows up and saves him. He asks Aziraphale who should take Gabriel’s place in Heaven. It turns out to be a trick question because, apparently, Metatron has already made up his mind. He saw how expertly Aziraphale protected Gabriel, handled Heaven and Hell, and resolved the issue with no one getting hurt. This proves that Aziraphale has all the qualities needed to lead Heaven.

Metatron tells him to consider the position and even adds a tidbit about how he can use his power to restore Crowley’s status from a demon to an angel. Aziraphale is excited to hear this. He is happy for himself and Crowley, believing they can both be angels and be by each other’s side without worrying about Heaven and Hell. He also thinks this will allow him to change things in Heaven for the better. However, when he tells Crowley about this, the demon is not pleased.

Crowley expresses his disappointment over Aziraphale’s decision. He wants them to be like Gabriel and Beelzebub. He loves Aziraphale and doesn’t need Heaven or Hell. He thought Aziraphale felt the same, but it turns out he was wrong. Crowley kisses him to express his love, but this doesn’t change Aziraphale’s mind. He cannot miss this opportunity, and even though Crowley warns him that this job is not as ideal as he thinks it is, Aziraphale goes with Metatron, leaving his bookshop and Earth to go back to Heaven and become an Archangel.

What is The Second Coming? How Will Aziraphale Be a Part of It?

Despite Crowley refusing his offer to join him in Heaven, Aziraphale decides to leap at the opportunity to become the Supreme Archangel and make a difference in Heaven. Metatron is glad about this and mentions how Aziraphale is the perfect angel to start the next step in the Great Plan. When Aziraphale asks what it is, Metraton calls it “the second coming.” This refers to the second coming of Christ and the judgment day when everyone must answer for their actions. In other words, it is yet another way to say Armageddon.

Aziraphale is taken by surprise because he had been against Armageddon and the destruction of the Earth since the beginning. Still, he follows Metatron. Why? Probably because he still thinks he can make a difference if he is an Archangel. Metatron clarifies that Heaven wants to “wrap things up,” which refers to ending life as we know it on Earth. Perhaps, Aziraphale believes he can stop that from happening if he is in charge of things. In any case, there is no going back for him now, and eventually, he might have to reconsider sides and where he wants to be.

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