Good Omens Season 2: What Happened to Madame Tracy?

Prime Video’s ‘Good Omens’ follows the constant tug of war between Heaven and Hell, both of whom are desperate to go to war with each other and end the conflict that started thousands of years ago when Lucifer fell. Aziraphale and Crowley are at the center of this conflict. They don’t want the war because it would bring Armageddon, which means the world as they know it would be destroyed. The angel and the demon have grown too comfortable with the Earth to lose it now, so they do everything in their power to keep Heaven and Hell from colliding. The second season focuses on yet another effort to pacify things.

While a lot happens in the second season, one of the things to notice is the cast, some of whom have returned to play completely different roles than the ones they had in Season 1. Miranda Richardson, who played a human in Season 1, is now a demon in Season 2. How did that happen? What happened to her human character, Madame Tracy? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Madame Tracy’s Departure from London

In ‘Good Omens’ Season 1, Madame Tracy was medium and an “intimate care and relaxation professional.” She lives next door to Seargent Shadwell, a witch hunter who runs an organization that consists only of him. While Madame Tracy is a good and kindhearted woman who takes care of Shadwell, he doesn’t seem to like her very much. It might be because of her profession or because he suspects her of being a witch, but he always pushes her away and tries to get rid of her.

In the later part of Season 1, Madame Tracy becomes an important player when she is possessed by Aziraphale. Shortly before this, he lost his body after accidentally falling into the portal he used to communicate with a higher authority in Heaven. Because he was not issued a new body, he decided to possess someone who could help him stop Armageddon by finding the Anti-Christ.

Madame Tracy is in the middle of a rather fake seance when Aziraphale takes over him. While it is a little unnerving at first, she eventually settles into this reality and talks with the angel about what needs to be done. They, with Shadwell, go to the Airbase, where the rest of the forces converge. Aziraphale and Madame Tracy are separated from each other by Adam, aka the Anti-Christ. This gives Aziraphale his body back, and he no longer needs to possess anyone.

Once the issue is resolved and the Armageddon doesn’t take place, Madame Tracy and Shadwell return to their flat in London. By now, Shadwell has warmed up to her, and it looks like he liked her all this while. Over tea, they discuss their future and whether there is any point in staying in London anymore. They decide to give up the flat, leave London, and move to the countryside together. This confirms that Shadwell and Madame Tracy ended up together in Season 1.

Miranda Richardson’s return for Season 2 wouldn’t have gone the same if she had to reprise her role as Madame Tracy, whose arc received a proper conclusion and didn’t need to come back to the world of ‘Good Omens.’ In bringing back the cast of Season 1, Neil Gaiman made some changes and added new characters with specific actors in mind. With Crowley not a part of Hell’s legions anymore, a new representative named Shax is sent to Earth to do his job. Richardson was perfect for this role, so the creators decided to bring her back as Shax rather than find a new actor. The character change is not acknowledged in Season 2, but it doesn’t affect the story’s arc in any manner.

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