Will There Be a Growing Up Hip Hop Season 6?

‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ is a fantastic reality show that focuses on the children of hip hop legends. They try to carve a place for themselves in the world while dealing with the constant pressure of being in the spotlight. We witness their interactions, relationships, and frequent outbursts. The drama content is high and has been no different in the latest season. Angela and Romeo have been at loggerheads, while Egypt and Sam’s relationship has faced hurdles. There have been some blowout fights, all of which might make viewers wonder if we will get a ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Season 6.

Growing Up Hip Hop Season 6 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Season 5 premiered on December 5, 2019, and finished airing on June 18, 2020. ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ is a mainstay at We tv. Therefore, while there is no official confirmation of renewal yet, the show is likely to return for Season 6. Now, as for when it might come back, that is a good question, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic which has halted several projects.

Even if the project were to be greenlit, we don’t expect it to return by December 2020, like Season 5, which started airing in December 2019. Instead, we expect Season 6 to follow a similar schedule to Season 4. Thus, ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Season 6 is likely to release in May 2021.

Growing Up Hip Hop Season 6 Cast: Who Can Be In It?

We can expect some of the familiar faces to be back. Angela and Bow Wow are likely to be back as Season 5 shows things heating up between them. Pepa, Sam, Egypt, and Lil Twist are all expected to return as well. Sam and Egypt’s relationship hurdles have got both of them on the defensive and we have to see if the couple has smoother sailing in the upcoming season. Since Romeo has exited the show in Season 5, following a failed sit-down he organized, we have to wait and see if the mercurial cast member returns for the new season.

Growing Up Hip Hop Season 6 Plot: What Can It Be About?

We could see the other participants dealing with Romeo’s departure. Although people seemed to be cool with it, there might be some repercussions. The season finale sees JoJo and Twist continuing their fight so the fallout will make its way to the new season as well. Tee Tee’s life-changing moment is threatened by Sam and Egypt, so they might have made a new enemy.

Elsewhere, Bow Wow comes out with a secret to Angela which might upset any chance they had. Will they be together? This is something the upcoming season will answer. For starters, we can expect a whole lot of drama the way the plotlines are poised. The season will be off to a volatile start until the dust from Season 5 settles down. Even then, we know that the cast members rarely back down from confrontations and often step on each others’ toes. Thus, we are in for yet another exciting installment when Season 6 airs on the network.

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