Guillermo Gomez: Raquel Sánchez Silva’s Agent is a Producer Now

With Netflix’s ‘The Last Hours of Mario Biondo’ living up to its title in every way imaginable, we get a deep insight into the tragic, enigmatic death of the titular 30-year-old inside his Spain home. The truth is this Italian native was found partially hanging from his living room bookshelf, yet questions regarding whether he died by suicide or if it was murder still came to light as time passed. And the fact he was renowned television host Raquel Sánchez Silva’s husband only added fuel to the fire — yet for now, if you simply wish to learn more about the latter’s representing agent throughout this period, we’ve got the details for you.

Who is Guillermo Gomez?

Although not much concerning Guillermo’s familial upbringing, early years, or career trajectory is publicly available at the moment, we do know he’s been active behind the scenes in the entertainment industry for at least over a decade and a half. It was thus ostensibly in 2011 that he first came across rising star Raquel, just to soon evolve into her agent to ensure she can pursue the best possible opportunities while maintaining her image. That’s actually the same year she was asked to present ‘Supervivientes’ (the Spanish version of ‘Survivor’), unaware it would lead her to meet, fall in love, and marry cameraman Mario Biondo.

Guillermo hence witnessed Raquel and Mario’s entire journey — from their initial 2011 courtship to their beautiful June 2012 wedding to the ominous May 30, 2013 day that changed their lives. “I had just finished lunch when I got a call from Raquel,” he elucidated in the documentary, recalling the fateful day. “…She was crying. She could hardly say a word, but she told me Mario had hanged himself and had died. [She asked me] to go to their house. When I got there, I went right upstairs. I walked a couple of steps into the apartment and saw Mario’s body hanging.”

Guillermo continued, “A policeman then comes out and asks me to identify myself. I said I was the manager; his wife’s agent. I asked him if there was a suicide note, and he replied there wasn’t. I asked if there were signs of violence, and he said no. The same officer told me that Mario had a peaceful death; that he didn’t suffer at all.” Therefore, of course, he has seemingly always believed the Italian native took his own life via choking — self-asphyxiation, whether accidental or not — just for it to be backed by a few other clues that have come to light over the years.

Though Guillermo’s primary involvement in this matter was obviously only through Raquel, whom he believes showed every sign of a grieving widow no matter what her in-laws later asserted. That’s because he saw her “exhausted,” “pale,” and “unhinged” face as she rushed home from out of town on the ruinous day, plus he traveled with her all the way to Palermo, Italy, for the funeral. “She asked me to go with her,” he said in the original. “Raquel was still emotional, so maybe she needed someone by her side to give her support with all the pain she was feeling. Someone close to accompany her so she wouldn’t falter, so to speak.”

Where is Guillermo Gomez Now?

With all this, it’s honestly no surprise Guillermo stuck by Raquel for the ensuing legal proceedings and even helped her navigate the necessary public statements, that is, until 2022 rolled around. We specify 2022 since it’s the year he parted ways with the presenter/host/writer as her agent for good. However, he reportedly continues to serve in the industry alongside her as an executive at her Madrid-based production company Manguera Films. In other words, from what we can tell, Guillermo still proudly resides in Madrid, Spain, where he’s thriving as a production administrator as well as an executive producer — he actually backed ‘The Last Hours of Mario Biondo.’

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