Where is Gunther VI The Dog Now? Update

With Netflix’s ‘Gunther’s Millions’ living up to its title in every way imaginable, we get a complete insight into not only the life but also the fortune of none other than the wealthiest dog in the world. In other words, whether it be Gunther VI’s inheritance, his eccentric handler, his surrounding entourage, or his empire across two continents, the four-part documentary series digs deep into it all. So now, if you just wish to learn more about this extremely lucky German Shepherd — with a focus on his roots, his experiences, as well as his current standing — we’ve got the details for you.

Who is Gunther VI The Dog?

It was back in 2018 that Gunther VI (pronounced gun-tar) took the mantle as the richest canine following the unfortunate yet rather unsurprising demise of his predecessor, Gunther V (2005-2018). The truth is the entire Gunther bloodline does hail from the same pedigree and are like royals in their own right, especially since there are always two or three others already in line for the throne. This ensures the dynasty keeps moving and initial “inheritance” established institutions like The Gunther Trust, Gunther Group, and Gunther Cooperation fall in the right hands (or well, paws).

According to reports, the original narrative is that it was German Countess Carlotta Von Liebenstein who willed her entire 138 billion lire ($80 million) fortune to her dog Gunther III upon her 1992 death. She had no close relatives, her son had died by suicide following years of trying to battle depression at the tender age of 26, and her pharmaceutical entrepreneurial husband had passed too. Therefore, she decided to leave everything to her cherished pet, with detailed stipulations for it to be used to continue Gunther’s lineage, resolve animal issues, and honor her son’s memories.

However, as evidenced in the Netflix production, this entire tale is nothing but a long-drawn hoax to garner publicity and enable Gunther’s “handler,” Maurizio Mian, to use him as a front for investments. This idea actually came to be around the late 1980s when the Mian family needed to have their ample funds under someone else’s name so as to avoid paying their homeland of Italy’s high taxes. Though the intricate details of it stem from Maurizio’s struggles with mental health — he allegedly created the backstories for the individuals involved as a way to cope with his depression.

As per ‘Gunther’s Millions,’ Maurizio based the Countess on a friend’s terminal mother and her late son on himself, which is why the stipulations concerning the latter were all things he needed. This included involvement in sports, having emotional, physical, as well as sexual freedom, and conducting experiments in the hopes of figuring out a way to be perpetually happy/content in life. Nevertheless, we need to clarify that despite the hoax, both the millions’ existence and the dog being its primary beneficiary are real, genuinely making Gunther VI the wealthiest dog (on paper).

Where is Gunther VI Now?

From what we can tell, Gunther VI is currently leading an unimaginably comfortable life while based in Tuscany, Italy, surrounded by his handler, representatives, private chef, groomers, etc. He actually lives in a villa he technically owns through the Trust, has several other properties in the nation as well as across the globe, and is the proud proprietor of a massive yacht. Furthermore, the dog has bought, invested in, or sponsored several sports teams, has taken over a few media publications, and seemingly only travels in private jets, that too with his double to ensure safety.

It thus comes as no surprise Gunther VI’s estate is reportedly worth $500 million as of writing — the reason for this is that the dog has seemingly never been neglected despite Maurizio’s own possible personal agendas. After all, it does appear as if everything done by either him or the entourage is primarily to ensure the German Shepherd’s overall well-being, all the while leading a relaxed, community-driven lifestyle themselves. There’s ostensibly no misuse in any way, shape, or form, as also indicated by the fact Maurizio is presently looking to buy an island with the intention of turning the whole thing into an animal sanctuary.

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