Ha Seok-Jin: Where is The Devil’s Plan Winner Now?

Image Credit: Ha Seok-Jin/Instagram

Displaying the undisputed power of the intellect, Netflix’s ‘The Devil’s Plan’ chronicles the journey of twelve contestants as they compete in a streak of challenges to win the top spot. With 500,000,000 won on the line, the reality television show ups the ante significantly. As the contestants encounter a slew of complex problems, they have no choice but to form alliances and sleuth on others to get ahead in the game. The series features an eclectic mix of actors, entertainers, experts, and gamers who compete to showcase their knowledge. Ha Seok-Jin is one of the players who has enthraled audiences with his strategic gameplay. So, if you’re also wondering where is the reality star these days, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

What is Ha Seok-Jin Doing Now?

Dissecting each situation with a reserved insight, Seok-Jin consistently worked out the intricacies of the challenges without fail. Whereas his competitors would employ a hands-on approach and delve into the problem unprepared, he would take a step back and align the simplest clues to guarantee a straight win. With such a straightforward strategy and calm approach, Seok-Jin managed to win the top spot in the Netflix series.

The ‘Crash Landing On You’ actor has continued to climb new heights outside the series, as well. Granted with the grand prize of the competition, it seems that Seok-Jin has been using his time outside to splurge on his interests. The actor recently flew to Singapore to witness his favorite UFC player compete in a match. Besides flying overnight, he also indulged in the local gastronomy of the metropolitan.

In light of the rising temperatures, the seafood enthusiast decided to spend the end of summer consuming fresh produce. Not just this, he recently visited the Higashiyam Reserve to get away from the city’s heat. While his stoic demeanor led him to the season’s win, the actor is the complete opposite when it comes to his friendships. Through his time on the show, Seok-Jin not only earned the chance to display his mental prowess but also gained a chance to win new friendships.

Naturally, since the filming came to an end, he has spent a lot of time honing the connections he made on the show. In addition to enjoying with his castmates during the premiere of the series, he has accompanied his castmembers in group dinners and meals too.

Besides this, the actor and entertainer continues to embark on new projects. At 41, the Hanyang University alum isn’t just renowned for his work in television and films but is also known to possess insightful skills. Having graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Seok-Jin brings a lot of experiential knowledge into his roles and work in entertainment.

Some of his latest works on television include, ‘Blind,’ ‘The Red Sleeve,’ and ‘When I Was the Most Beautiful.’ The actor is also known for his hosting skills. Most recently, he emceed television shows like ‘Local Dining Table,’ ‘Suspicious Neighbor,’ and ‘The Dreamers.’ He recently reunited with members of ‘Problematic Men,’ including Kim Namjoon from BTS, Jun Hyun-moo, Kim Ji-seok, and others.

In addition to this, he collaborates with several brands and promotes a variety of products through advertisements, too. Most recently, the actor collaborated with Samsung BeSpoke to represent their new line of refrigerators. As the spokesperson for the brand, Seok-Jin consistently takes to his Instagram account to elaborate on the many kinds of technological advancements these products deliver to consumers. While the entertainer has yet to reveal news on his latest projects, it is apparent that there are several opportunities that lay ahead for Ha Seok-Jin.

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