Harlan Coben’s Shelter Episode 7 Recap: Is the Bat Lady Dead?

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Prime Video’s teen mystery series ‘Harlan Coben’s Shelter’ reveals answers to many mysteries in its penultimate episode. It all started with the death of Mickey’s father, Brad, following which the teenager moved to Kasselton to live with his aunt. He met Ashley, with whom he felt a strange camaraderie, so when she suddenly disappears, Mickey decides to do whatever it takes to find her.

Looking into Ashley’s disappearance leads Mickey to unravel the secrets his parents kept him from for so long. Just as he thinks he will finally get those answers, another tragedy strikes, and Mickey finds himself fighting for his life again. Here’s a look at everything that happens in the seventh episode and what it means for the final episode of this season. SPOILERS AHEAD

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In the previous episode, Mickey broke into the club where he’d followed Octoface, but it turned out to be more dangerous than he’d imagined. Instead of rescuing Ashley, he ends up in a terrible situation where he is almost killed. He dodges his attackers in time to wade into the river and swim to the other side. The following day, Spoon traces his location through the app he’d installed in all of their phones to stay connected to each other. He and Ema find Mickey and take him to the hospital.

Angry that Mickey almost got killed because of the Bat Lady, Spoon and Ema visit her, asking her to stop whatever she is trying to do with Mickey. Instead, she tells them about Ashley and that they must rescue her, joined by Rachel in their mission. The trio makes their way to the club, and Spoon tries to enter it through the vents. However, a miscommunication lands him in a similar situation that Mickey’d found himself in the previous night.

Candy, the girl who’d helped Mickey the previous night, recognizes Spoon and decides to help him. While the club’s owners catch him, Candy lets Rachel and Ema into the club through the backdoor, telling them everything they need to know about getting into the dungeon and letting Ashely out of there. Meanwhile, Spoon is taken away in the back of a car.

Harlan Coben’s Shelter Episode 7 Ending: What Happens to Ashley?

Image Credits: Michael Parmelee/Prime Video

Helped by Candy, Rachel and Ema quickly devise a plan to find the dungeon and save Ashley. They pose as a couple and make their way to the VIP section, where Ema uses her status as the daughter of Angelica Wyatt to get in. It catches the attention of the man in charge of the passcode of the dungeon. Under the pretense of taking a picture with Ema, Rachel gets the man’s phone and quickly peeks at the password. By the time he realizes what they’ve done, the girls make their way to the dungeon.

Before they can open the door, the man finds them, and they fight, where Ema and Rachel almost die. Luckily, they unlocked the door, and Ashley comes out just in time to attack the man and render him unconscious. Seeing Rachel there, Ashley realizes what’s happening, and the girls quickly leave the club to find their car and leave. However, they cannot leave without Spoon.

While the girls were fighting to save Ashley, Spoon was fighting for his life. Candy snuck in when he was pushed into the back of the car. While untying Spoon, she said Spoon looked familiar, and he agreed that he had seen her somewhere. Spoon realizes that Candy used to live around his neighborhood and she is the same age as him. He asks her how he landed at the club, but she doesn’t answer. Soon, the car stops, and the driver takes Spoon out with a gun to his head. He doesn’t know that Candy is there, too, and she catches him off guard. While she succeeds in knocking out the guy, she is hit by the bullet he’d fired. Spoon tries to help, but he cannot save her, and Candy dies in his arms.

Meanwhile, Mickey wakes up and realizes where his friends are. He tracks them with Spoon’s app and soon finds his friend. Together, they return to the club, where they save Ashley, who was almost taken away by the man who bought her. When Octoface shows up, Ashley reveals that he is Abeona. He’d been chasing after Ashley because he was trying to help her. She bids Mickey goodbye. Octoface and other members of the organization take her away to some safe place where she won’t have to worry about her safety anymore.

Does the Bat Lady Survive?

Having finally come face to face, Octoface and Mickey have a frank conversation where Octoface reveals that Mickey’s father, Brad, was his friend and they’d worked together several times. He gives Mickey a letter from Brad, reading which, Mickey realizes that his father wants to leave Abeona. The letter also mentions that Brad met his wife through Abeona, which means that Mickey’s mother was also involved with the organization. However, his parents decided they needed to pay more attention to their son. Brad wanted to leave but worried Lizzy Sobek, aka the Bat Lady, might not react well to this news.

Believing that Lizzy had Brad killed because he wanted to leave Abeona, Mickey confronts her in her house. She leads him to a room where the pictures of every child they’ve saved over the years are on the wall. Between those pictures, Mickey finds Luther, the paramedic Lizzy told him was the Butcher. It turns out that Brad had helped rescue Luther, but then something terrible happened, and Luther became the bad guy and killed Brad.

Before Lizzy can go into the details of what happened, Luther shows up and shoots her. As she bleeds out, Luther shuts the door, locking Mickey in the room, and burns the house. Now, Mickey has to find a way to get out of the house. Hopefully, his friends will track him down again and save him. It is also possible that Dylan might find them. While we are sure that Mickey will be saved. It looks like the end of the line for the Bat Lady.

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