Who is Hazel’s Father in Virgin River?

Virgin River,’ Netflix’s drama show spanning seasons, starts as a story about Mel Monroe’s life-changing move into the quaint titular town where she soon finds a home for herself among loved ones. However, as the narrative focuses on the numerous residents within the community, several other characters also come into focus, including Jack Sheridan, the local bar owner, who brings a second chance at love into Mel’s life. Consequently, Jack’s close friend, Dan Brady, the resident bad boy with a tendency to run into trouble with the law, also becomes a crucial player.

Season 5 brings many changes for Brady, who remains tangled with unsavory characters. As a result, his relationship with Brie, Jack’s sister, worsens, bringing what seems to be a final end to their romance. Nevertheless, love is in no shortage in the town, and the man’s paths soon cross with Lark, an understanding single mother. While the Lark and her daughter Hazel’s presence in Brady’s life proves to be an improvement, one can’t help but wonder about the identity of the young girl’s mysterious father and what it may mean for Brady and the others. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Surprising Reveal of Hazel’s Father

While the focus remains on the previous surprise parental reveal of the season revolving around Charmaine’s pregnancy, the narrative drops another jaw-dropping secret on the fans by disclosing Hazel’s unpredictable parentage. Introduced in this season, Lark and Hazel’s storylines primarily orbit Brady, who eventually ends up with the woman and becomes an integral part of her daughter’s life as well.

Brady and Lark’s relationship seems organic and spontaneous, finding its initial sparks in the middle of an actual wildfire. As such, the former has no reason to suspect anything menacing up the woman’s sleeve when he first begins his relationship with her. Yet, Christmas time brings a startling revelation. As it would turn out, Hazel’s father is none other than Jimmy, a notorious criminal and Calvin’s right-hand man.

Jimmy has a complicated history with the town and its residents. As a crucial member of Calvin’s gang, Jimmy is hardly trusted or even liked by the others around town. In fact, Mel and Jack’s first impression of the man remains astonishingly awful, wherein he holds the two hostage to treat his boss’ declining health. Furthermore, his dynamic with Brady was never particularly good either.

During a low phase of Brady’s life, he joined Calvin’s gang, frequenting illegal businesses around his marijuana farm. While under Calvin, Brady managed to make an enemy out of Jimmy, who envied the other man for his close bond with the criminal leader. Jimmy served under Calvin for years, remaining his loyal and most trusted comrade. Yet, Brady’s introduction into the gang threatened to rob Jimmy of his success.

As a result, Jimmy already has a bone to pick with Brady. However, since the man is currently in prison, there isn’t a lot he can do to harm his rival. Or so Brady thinks. Jimmy may have disappeared from Brady’s life, but he has still found a way to plot against him by using Lark and his daughter Hazel.

While Jimmy’s exact motives behind planting Lark in Brady’s life remain unknown, it can hardly mean anything good for the other man. Moreover, considering Calvin may be back in the picture now that he no longer has to fake his death, their possible reunion suggests an intimidating outcome. Likewise, the crooked man’s connection to Hazel also raises questions about Lark’s character and her own motives.

So far, Lark had been a likable character who effortlessly complemented Brady. Their respective traumatic upbringings helped the pair bond and find an understanding that Brady lacked in his previous relationships. However, Lark’s affiliation with Jimmy will only make Brady (and the viewers) reluctant to believe anything she has shared with the man in an effort to get close to him. Still, there is also a possibility that Jimmy is using Lark as a pawn against her will.

While the same seems unlikely, given Lark’s lack of hostility toward the other man during their hushed phone conversation, it will definitely prove to be a kinder alternative for people who have grown fond of Lark’s character and her relationship with Brady. Ultimately, Hazel and, subsequently, Lark’s connection to Jimmy will prove to be an incredibly troublesome discovery for Brady in the future season.

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