Virgin River Season 5: Do Brady And Brie Break Up or Stay Together?

Created by Sue Tenney, ‘Virgin River,’ Netflix’s small-town drama show follows several characters exploring their rich inner lives. The show starts with Melinda “Mel” Monroe’s arrival in town as the new nurse practitioner at local physician Vernon “Doc” Mullins’ clinic. As the story progresses, the rest of the residents come out into the focus, with the narrative delving into the mature depiction of complicated relationships, such as Doc’s marriage with town mayor Hope and Mel’s will-they-won’t-they relationship with Jack Sheridan. Similarly, the show also presents endearing teenage romance through Lizzie’s character.

Within the plethora of romantic entanglements, Brie and Brady’s rocky but thrilling relationship offers an intriguing storyline ripe with haunted pasts and new beginnings. As we leave season 4, Brie and Brady overcome an unstable time in their lives and find a start to their relationship. Still, several new roadblocks persist for both characters, marking their future with a big, red question mark. Longtime fans of the couple will be eager to discover what unfolds in their relationship in season 5.  SPOILERS AHEAD!

Brie Chooses Independence Over Brady

Shortly after Brie’s introduction in the third season, Brady and she gradually become a central couple within the narrative. With Brady’s bad-boy, morally ambiguous persona and Brie’s authentic story as a sexual assault survivor, both characters are interesting enough on their own to have the audience rooting for their respective plotlines alongside their romance. However, the characters’ respective pasts end up playing a damning role in their compatibility and future together.

At the start of season 5, Brady is in hot water with the new villain in town, Melissa Montgomery, who hides behind a friendly face while running the town’s entire hidden drug operation. Alternatively, Brie has recently decided to press charges against her ex-boyfriend, Don, for her rape. Therefore, regardless of their relationship’s pleasant disposition, Brie and Brady have a lot on their plate at the moment.

Brady’s unethical predicament leads to a grave lack of communication between the pair, making matters worse. After Brady’s previous devious employer, Calvin’s death, his boss, Melissa Montgomery, blackmails Brady into being a part of her operation by threatening to harm Brie. As a result, Brady has to return to his illegal ways. Nevertheless, in a pursuit to keep Brie safe, the former marine decides to keep everything a secret from his girlfriend.

Brie has always been an independent individual who liked to take charge of her own life. Even during the countdown to perhaps the most important trial of her life, Brie wants only support and comfort from her loved ones rather than their protection or guidance. In the past, Brady has had to learn to maneuver this terrain when Brie trusts him with her story. Consequently, his inability to be truthful to Brie in an effort to protect her ends up wrecking Brie’s trust in him.

Honesty is the most crucial thing for Brie, and she cannot feel safe without it. As such, after Brady’s involvement with Melissa comes out in the open, Brie demands a break from their relationship, deciding to face the trial in Sacramento on her own without Brady. However, Sacramento brings a coincidental connection when Brie runs into Mike Valenzuela, her friend in LAPD who happened to have a trial in the same courthouse. Therefore, Brie finds unexpected comfort and support from Mike after her thorny testimony, which jumpstarts a close friendship between the two.

Although the chemistry between Brie and Mike is everpresent, they both respect Brie’s current uncertain standing with Brady. Nonetheless, Brady becomes awfully jealous of their yet innocent friendship, leading to a dispute wherein Brie breaks up with Brady for good. Even though the two clearly love each other, their ways of expressing love and care are not compatible with each other.

Brady is used to protecting what he loves, and that’s the last thing Brie wants. In comparison, Mike, well-versed in the art of support without being overbearing, offers a much brighter future for Brie. Likewise, once Brady starts to come to terms with their relationship’s end, he spends some time with a new friend, Lark, a single mother to an eight-year-old Hazel, who is able to relate to Brady’s past difficult family life. Through this connection, Brady realizes he might be better off with someone who can love and appreciate him because of his protective streak and not in spite of it.

The season finale brings the final closure to Brady and Brie’s relationship. Since their initial break, Brady has been working with Mike as a confidential informant to take down Montgomery and her gang. In the confrontation that ensues, Mike ends up getting shot and fights for his life in the Grace Valley Hospital. During this time, Brie and Brady realize their relationship has sunken. Ultimately, the two part ways, with Brie deciding to give a shot to her budding romance with Mike and Brady realizing he could have a future with Lark.

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