Virgin River Season 4 Ending, Explained: Do Jack and Mel Get Engaged?

Developed by Sue Tenney, Netflix’s ‘Virgin River‘ is a romance drama show based on a series of novels by American author Robyn Carr. The story is predominantly set in the fictional titular town in California. After her husband’s death in a tragic accident, nurse practitioner and midwife Melinda “Mel” Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) arrives in Virgin River seeking a change. However, the paradisical town ends up changing her life in ways she didn’t think would be possible. Mel blamed herself for the death of her husband. Virgin River helps her find some closure in that regard. She also finds love in the shape of Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson), a former Marine and local bar owner. Although Mel’s story is right at the epicenter of the narrative, other residents are still an important part of it. ‘Virgin River’ is their story as well. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of the fourth season of ‘Virgin River.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

Virgin River Season 4 Recap

At the end of the third season of ‘Virgin River,’ the audience finds themselves with more questions than answers. Who is the father of Mel’s child? Did Brady really shoot Jack? What will happen to Preacher and Christopher? Will Hope be alright? Is the new young man in town really Doc’s grandson? What the future holds for Lizzie and Ricky?

In the fourth season, these questions are answered one by one, though not necessarily in that order. One of the last scenes of ‘Virgin River’ season 3 involves Jack and Mel sitting together and witnessing a breath-taking sunrise. Jack chooses this moment to ask Mel to marry him, but she reveals that she isn’t sure whether Jack is the baby’s father.

Season 4 opens with Brady in jail as a suspect for shooting Jack. The gun with which Jack was shot was found in Brady’s car. In prison, Brady gets stabbed by Calvin’s associates and is transferred to a hospital. This prompts a mysterious benefactor to sponsor Brady’s bail bond. After realizing that Brady didn’t shoot her brother, Brie allows herself to be vulnerable and acknowledges her romantic feelings for the former Marine.

Meanwhile, since Lizzie broke up with him, Ricky has tried to rekindle their relationship without much success. In the fourth season, Lizzie grows close to Denny, much to Ricky’s frustration. In the course of the season, he comes to accept the current circumstances, and he and Lizzie become friends.

Hope survives the accident and wakes up to find that her best friend, Lily, has died of complications related to pancreatic cancer. Her behavior increasingly frustrates Doc, her sole caretaker. Fortunately, with the help of her friends, Hope realizes the sacrifices that Doc has been making for her, and the relationship between the two significantly improves after that.

In the last episode of the third season, Preacher is left unconscious in the woods, and Christopher is taken by his uncle, Vince. Preacher subsequently starts a desperate search for the boy. He eventually gets Christopher back but discovers that Vince has taken Paige to punish her for his brother’s death. In the season 4 finale, titled ‘The Long Goodbye,’ Preacher goes to confront Vince and manages to subdue the other man, rescuing Paige. Ricky gets accepted into the Marine boot camp and leaves the town after a heartfelt farewell.

Jack recalls that it was Vince who shot him. All charges against Brady are dropped, and he and Brie start a relationship. When Brie’s former boyfriend comes to Virgin River to force her to sign a non-disclosure agreement, Brie declares that she is going to report him.

Virgin River Season 4 Ending: Who is the Twins’ Father?

At the end of the third season, the biggest question in Jack’s life is who is the father of Mel’s child. After things briefly end between Mel and Jack, the former visits Los Angeles and undergoes the IVF procedure with eggs fertilized by Mel’s late husband, Mark.

It is ultimately revealed that Jack is the father of Mel’s unborn daughter. However, Charmaine, Jack’s former casual lover, becomes distressed after her husband leaves her, and she has trouble breathing. She claims that she is being punished for her actions as she told Jack that he was the father of her unborn children when he isn’t

Charmaine first announced that she was pregnant only about five months earlier. One key thing we must remember is that even though the series has released four seasons, less than a year has passed in the story since Mel’s arrival in the town. Charmaine lied all those months back to keep Jack in her life. We are pretty positive that the father of Charmaine’s twin boys isn’t Todd. If he were, then Charmaine wouldn’t have to try to convince Jack to stay away from the boys.

Charmaine likely thought that the birth father was unfit to be a parent and hid the truth, knowing Jack’s sense of responsibility would make him a great father. It’s equally possible that she lied in a desperate bid to keep Jack in her life. After all these months, she has finally begun to feel guilty for her actions.

What Does Denny Want?

Portrayed by Kai Bradbury, Denny is first introduced in the season 3 finale. After learning who he is, Doc welcomes him into his life with open arms. However, the people around him, including Mel, tell him to exercise caution. After all, scammers are everywhere. And indeed, Denny’s actions initially seem pretty dubious. He tries to get into the medicine cabinet at the clinic and then go through the clinic’s financial statements. Denny clearly likes Lizzie but tells her that he can’t get involved with her.

In the season 4 finale, Denny finally reveals the truth to Lizzie. He tells her that he has Huntington’s disease, adding that it’s terminal. This explains the Klonopin pills in his drawer and why he doesn’t want to date Lizzie. He believes he has no future. This is the reason why he uses the money he has inherited from his late father to pay off the mortgage on his grandfather’s clinic. He likely tells Doc the truth when the latter confronts him about going through the clinic’s finances. This becomes apparent when he collapses in front of Doc and Hope, and the former doesn’t seem to be that surprised.

Do Jack and Mel Get Engaged?

Yes, Jack and Mel finally become engaged in season 4 episode 11, titled ‘Once Again.’ The two of them go away for a camping trip, and Jack proposes when Mel comes out of the trailer after refilling their cups with hot chocolate. This time, Mel accepts. For most of the season, a part of Jack was worried about what to do if it turned out that he wasn’t the father of Mel’s child. However, toward the end of the season, he comes to realize that it doesn’t matter. He loves Mel and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. The following morning, they receive the lab results. It turns out that Jack is the father after all.

Who Is Melissa Montgomery?

It seems that ‘Virgin River’ is setting up Melissa Montgomery as a major antagonist, especially after she causes the death of the previous antagonist of the series, Calvin. She appears in several scenes throughout the season, and it becomes increasingly apparent that she is the one pulling the strings from behind the curtains. Melissa is an older woman who oozes authority and power.

During their investigation, Mike and Brie discover that someone named Melissa posted Brady’s bail bond money. Later, Mellissa appears in person when Brady visits the headquarters of their illegal operation. She later pays Brady a visit and heavily implies that she is responsible for Calvin’s death. In her final appearance in the season, it is revealed that she is the sister of Nick, the man with whom Jack has recently entered into a partnership regarding his glamping airstream business. We learned from the gossip mongers in Virgin River earlier that Melissa controls the family trust, which funds Nick’s different business ventures. So, for all intent and purpose, Melissa now has control over Jack’s fledgling business as well.

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