Heartbreak High: Who Was the Father of Amerie’s Baby?

In ‘Heartbreak High,’ teenage life charts more than its fair share of complications for Amerie Wadia— the girl who undergoes a stark social downfall after the discovery of her “incest map,” where she has been tracking her classmates’ sexual exploits. The show’s season 2 brings much of the same predicament to Amerie, who starts the new term with the decision to make amends with her peers by running for School Captain. Nevertheless, her efforts to erase her past reputation only earn her an anonymous hater, “Bird Psycho,” whose intent is on ruining her life.

Even so, in light of such developments, Amerie’s storyline fails to escape the tendrils of teenage high school drama as her personal life remains wrought with problems. One such issue arises when Amerie realizes that she’s pregnant, compelling viewers to wonder about the identity of the individual who got the girl pregnant. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Amerie and Her Unplanned Pregnancy

The sixth episode of season 2, ‘Just Kid $h*t,’ brings the alarming realization for Amerie that she’s more than a few days behind on her period as she helps her younger sister through her first experience with the same. As a result, the girl’s storyline in the next episode, ‘The Grapes of Voss,’ follows the girl as she goes through the motions of dealing with the pregnancy. Off-the-bat Amerie identifies Malakai Mitchell as the father of her unborn fetus— nicknamed Lil’ Feat. Earlier, at the start of the term, Amerie hooks up with Malakai, her ex, after both fail to ignore the tension between them.

Although their initial hook-up turned into a tentative attempt at a relationship, Amerie and Malakai eventually crash and burn as a couple. Interestingly, both individuals find romance in the same person— Rowan Callaghan— after their relationship ends. Consequently, there’s a palpable conflict between her and Malakai when Amerie discovers her pregnancy. The same prevents her from sharing the news with the boy. Nonetheless, Amerie makes up her decision to abort the fetus with an abortion pill from the get-go, leaving no room for alternative solutions.

As such, Amerie employs her best friend, Harper, to accompany her through the process of buying an abortion pill— a feat that requires a fair amount of hiding to keep the situation a secret from her mother— and ride out its after-effects. However, the after-effects end up being much more painful than Amerie— who had planned to attend the Hartley High School Captain debate within the span of the first and the second pill— expected. Consequently, Malakai ends up finding the girl curled up in pain on the school grounds, compelling him to take Amerie to Harper’s apartment, where the duo supports Amerie through the unpleasant experience together.

Even though Malakai’s initial reaction to learning about the pregnancy is to assume Rowan is the father, he doesn’t attempt to offer any personal advice upon learning of his involvement in Amerie’s pregnancy. Instead, the boy simply remains by his ex-girlfriend’s side, providing emotional support and comfort to her. In an unexpected way, the same ends up being a bonding experience for the pair, turning their previously snippy dynamic into an understanding bond, rekindling the sparks of friendship that have always remained between them. Ultimately, Amerie is able to undergo a safe abortion at home due to the pill, terminating her pregnancy.

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