Heartstopper: What Breed is Nick’s Dog Nellie?

Netflix’s romantic seriesHeartstopper’ revolves around the intricate relationship between Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson. Charlie and Nick confront several challenges to remain together, including the queerphobia of their schoolmates. While the people around them unsettle the duo, they seek comfort in the time they spend with Nellie, Nick’s dog. Nellie is Nick’s constant companion, and the dog doesn’t take long to befriend Charlie. The dog features extensively in the two seasons of the British show, making one curious about the same.

Nick’s Dog Nellie is a Border Collie

A male Border Collie named Echo plays Nellie in ‘Heartstopper.’ Border Collie is a medium-sized British breed of herding dog. The breed originated in the region of the Anglo-Scottish border and it descends from the traditional sheepdogs, which were popular in the British Isles. Border Collies are an attraction in sheepdog trials, a dog sport that tests the working abilities of herding dogs. They are also widely considered the “most intelligent” breed of dog. Echo, the dog in the show, is from Snodland, a town in Kent, England.

“Echo is a male border collie and he was actually the understudy dog – the original dog was unwell so Echo stepped in to save the day like a true professional! He was ready for his moment in the spotlight!!” Alice Oseman, the creator of the series, shared about the dog. Echo’s screen partner Kit Connor, who plays Nick, loves the former. “[…] Echo was such a beautiful, beautiful dog. The relationship between Nick and Nelly is actually quite consistent, and it’s quite nice. There are certain scenes where, really, Nelly is there to comfort Nick, which is really cute,” the actor told Digital Spy.

Echo is owned by Leonie. He is commendably camera-friendly, said Leonie in an interview given to Kent Online. “There was one time where he had to sit in the same position for 20 minutes because the camera broke and if he moved it would ruin the shot,” she said about Echo’s experiences of filming the show’s first season. “He doesn’t mind the cameras in his face and the recording stuff all over him. He’s brilliant, you know he just sits there and will let anybody do anything – he’s so friendly,” she added.

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