Joe Mazza From HGTV: Everything We Know

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‘Home Inspector Joe’ is one of the hit shows from HGTV that has taken the world of home improvement by storm. Each episode of the series presents a unique mix of captivating stories, relatable charm, and expert advice. A huge portion of the credit for the success of this show goes to its charismatic host, Joe Mazza. He, along with the designer Noel Gatts, helps people find their dream house and renovate it to bring their vision to reality. His presence on the show elevates it to new heights, providing the audience with the right dose of entertainment and insights. But how did he become the face of the home improvement world so quickly? We dug deeper and found out about his roots, journey and personal life!

Joe Mazza’s Age, Family, and Background

Born on May 9, 1975, Joe Mazzo hails from White Plains in Westchester County, New York, and is the son of John M Mazza and Joann Mazza. His brother, Brian Mazza is the founder of HPL Ventures and is married to Chloe Melas Mazza, former CNN Entertainment Reporter turned author. Joe reportedly also has a sister named Allison Mazza. He attended the Suny Cobleskill / NYU from 1993 to 1995 and got the AHIT (American Home Inspectors Training) certification.

In his early 20s, he developed a condition called keratoconus that led to him losing his eyesight temporarily. After subsequent cornea transplants, his vision was restored. This life-altering experience led him to rely on his other senses, specifically his sense of smell, which also led to the nickname “Mad Sniffer.”

Joe Mazza’s Profession

The 48-year-old started his professional career as a construction worker and safety inspector in New York City. But, after 20 years of commuting and not being able to spend enough time with his family, he decided to switch lanes and establish his home inspection business. For two decades, Joe toiled in the construction industry until a sense of burnout prompted him to explore new avenues. He decided to get his license and establish his home inspection business called ‘Exclusive Home Inspection’. This move proved to be a very lucrative decision that not only ignited his passion but pushed him to a new world of fame and success.

Using the skills he acquired through his previous experience, he was able to seamlessly transition into his new role. In 2017, with the aim of educating more people regarding home inspection, his journey took a digital twist. He started sharing valuable advice and tips for renters and prospective buyers on Instagram. The response he received was extremely positive, which thrust him into a virtual spotlight. Within a few years, he amassed a large, dedicated following relying on him for his guidance. He approaches his work with the thought, “I inspect every home like I’m moving my family into it.”, which resonates with a lot of people.

Joe’s social media presence caught the attention of USA Today, which led to a segment in 2019, ‘How to prepare for a home inspection and maybe get a better price, which explores his expertise and approach to home inspection while showcasing his desire to educate people on their journey to becoming homeowners. In 2019, opportunity knocked again in the form of RIVR Media, a Tennessee-based production company, which led to the creation of ‘Home Inspector Joe’, an HGTV show that educated its audience on the factors to consider before purchasing a home. Joe teamed up with designer Noel Gatts to guide clients through inspections and renovations.

The series takes an unscripted and unfiltered approach and rely on Mazza’s genuine self and expertise, which also contributed to its rising popularity. Joe Mazza’s fame continues to rise with each passing day, and his influence in the world of home improvement has expanded with it. In 2022, he made an appearance on the show ‘Home Town Kickstart’ in the episode titled ‘Love for La Grange’. In it, Mazza and Alison Victoria of ‘Windy City Rehab’ worked on three projects in La Grange, KY. The projects included renovating a home, designing a business hub, and creating a mural. Joe is currently serving as the host of another HGTV series titled ‘What’s Wrong With That House?’ which covers Joe helping out clients find and repair the hidden issues in their homes before they start the renovation process.

Joe Mazza’s Wife and Children

Outside his professional life, Joe has an enriched personal life as well. He has been married to Sonia Cipriano for over 13 years as of writing. She is a New York teacher, and together, they have a daughter named Gia Lucia Mazza. They also adopted a Cavapoo named Rosie, who is also an integral part of their family. When he is not renovating homes, Joe loves to relax in his space and spend quality time with the loves of his life, Sonia and Gia.

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