Hoarders: Where Are They Now?

‘Hoarders’ is a reality television series that documents the complex lives of compulsive hoarders who suffer from behavioral issues ranging from obsessive-compulsive disorder to major depressive disorder, yet they strive to function normally with the help of mental health experts and professional organizers. The show first premiered on August 17, 2009, on A&E and ran for six seasons before concluding on February 4, 2013.

Owing to its popularity, the show returned on A&E’s subsidiary network, Lifetime, and is currently in its eleventh season. Over its decade long journey, the show has introduced several intriguing personalities with eccentric hoarding disorders. Naturally, fans must be curious to know the whereabouts of their favorite hoarder. Well, we have got you covered.

Sandra Cowart – Season 9

In the sixth and final episode of the ninth season, we met former interior designer Sandra Cowart who had packed every nook and cranny of the historic four-story Julian Price House in Greensboro, Guilford County, North Carolina. Sandra had been living in the house since 1975 but she became a compulsive stocker after her husband left her in 1979.

Touted as one of the most challenging cases, Sandra appeared in the follow-up episode in April 2019, wherein we learned that despite losing the house to foreclosure, Sandra would refuse to cooperate with the new owners – Eric and Michael Fuko-Rizzo. However, the current owners handled Sandra with care and allowed her to sell off some of the stuff in auction. The house has been revamped and will serve as a bed and breakfast. As of today, Sandra still lives in Greensboro but with her friends, instead of the mansion.

Andy and Becky Otter – Season 10

At the end of their episode, Andy and Becky cooperated with the cleaning expert and the team, who managed to haul away over 40 truckloads carrying over 160 tons of junk. After a while, 90 additional tons were extracted from their Marysville home. The fan-favorite couple has now become the star of their town but they are not pleased with being the center of attention as it sometimes endangers their safety when people try to trespass and peep into their place. Local authorities have revealed that although a few objects can be seen lying around in the yard, it’s not enough to approach them. Andy and Becky live like just another elder couple today and are thankful to the show for changing their lives.

Sherry – Season 11

When Sherry appeared on the show which was filmed in October 2019, she was living in a home in Wheeling, with a 6-foot-high pile of trash that endangered the physical and mental health of her family, especially her daughter. However, she agreed to let the crew help her get out of the terrible situation. Although they managed to get her a toilet, a refrigerator, a water heater, they couldn’t clean it thoroughly. Thankfully, in late July 2020, Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration, a cleaning service reached out to Sherry at the show’s producers’ behest and restored her house after Pittsburgh’s Steri-Clean team removed the trash. So now, Sherry lives in a sanitized house where she can breathe fresh air and not fear for her health.

Patricia – Season 10

The tenth season introduced us to a former ER nurse from Florida, Patricia, who began selling discarded stuff of other people to finance her family after her retirement. However, she didn’t pay heed to the fact that in the process, she kept hoarding her three Florida homes with objects and was fined as a result. At the end of the show, Patricia promised to follow the advice of the experts. Unfortunately, on July 29, 2020, a Facebook user who lives in Patricia’s neighborhood, revealed that the former nurse has gone back to her old ways, causing inconvenience to the neighbors.

Ilona and Roger Stank – Season 9

When Milwaukee couple Ilona and Roger Stank appeared in the ninth season the condition of their home was so worse, they feared they would lose their property to the city if they couldn’t manage to declutter it. The producers did everything in their power but the Stanks continued to store junk at their place after the show. The situation got so worse that strays animals started living in and around their house and the city deemed the house uninhabitable, and the demolition of their house began in December 2019. Their contract stated that Ilona and Roger would still be the owners of the lot. So as of today, the two are probably still living in Milwaukee in one of the other properties they own.

Carol – Season 11

Elderly couple Carol and Dave’s mansion faced the risk of condemnation because of all the junk and clutter, Carol had gathered for years putting Dave’s health in jeopardy. In the episode, we saw Carol getting defensive when the team was hauling away her stuff. She even threatened to attack one of the crew members. Meanwhile, their son, Kevin, and daughter worried about their deaf father’s safety, who was already suffering from an ailment. Unfortunately, Dave passed away a few months after the filming was conducted. The producers have even added an epilogue at the end of the episode.

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