How Much Does The Home Edit Cost? Know Their Prices

Netflix’s new show about organizing and cleaning, titled ‘Get Organized With The Home Edit,’ is a spectacular addition to the platform’s roster. In the home improvement series, we meet Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer, who own The Home Edit. It is a professional organizing business, which is franchised around the country. The duo has a unique method of color-coded organization, plenty of storage, and fun labels. If your kitchen, cupboard, house, or life needs some restructuring and order, Teplin and Shearer are the right people for the job.

Their professionalism and approach to the matter have won them the approval of celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow. But, everyday people can also pay for their services. On the Netflix show, the team caters to both. Considering the A-list celebrities who are fans, you might be wondering how much The Home Edit’s services cost, and whether you can afford it. Don’t worry; we have the price breakdown here.

How much does The Home Edit cost?

The Home Edit prices start at around $200, but could easily run into thousands of dollars. Prices are set for a team of two organizers. In Atlanta, they charge $195 an hour, while for Bay Area or San Francisco, DC Metro, Los Angeles, Orange County, and New York, the price is $250 an hour. Detroit and Nashville are priced a little lower, and hiring the services will set you back by $185 per hour. The pricing for South Florida is also $195 an hour, but the services haven’t started there yet.

Before each project, a thirty-minute consultation is scheduled. $50 is paid as a deposit at the time but is later deducted from the first invoice. The client has to pay for the product supplies, based on budget and preferences. These include items like hangers, hooks, baskets, and boxes. If you’ve ever been shopping, you’ll know how they can add up pretty quickly! Clients also pay for the travel expenses – which makes sense since The Home Edit caters to people all over the country. The price is quoted depending on the number of days, time of year, location, and the number of team members. The quote includes airfare, hotel, and other expenses.

You can also get The Home Edit touch virtually, via video chat services. There are two categories, depending on the kind of help a client needs. If it is limited to finishing touches to a project or organizing a budget, then an hour-long video chat costs $250. The duo provides advice on organization, purging recommendations, and placement suggestions. If a client needs a lot of help, that is, maximum assistance while shopping and ordering the product, and organizational support, then a three-hour session, costing $525, can be arranged.

The latter includes sessions for purging, sorting, measuring, sessions for assessing remaining items, aesthetic preferences, and a budget for shopping lists, a thirty-minute window for creating the list and placing orders online, and a session to implement the project after supplies arrive. The final step is to assess and adjust, as required. The Home Edit requests that one package is used for just one organizational space. If additional hours are needed, it comes at $75 for half an hour or $40 for 15 minutes.

The hour-long session can be broken into two scheduled meetings, while the three-hour package can be divided into multiple video chat meetings. If you want to do it yourself, with minimum guidance, there are online packages for that too. The Home Edit offers an online virtual DIY for $350. It includes email correspondence at the beginning and the end of the project. There’s also a set of instructions for product placement and a suggested shopping list.

There’s also an online build-out plus virtual DIY, which is priced at $675. It is for clients who are remodeling or building their places from scratch. There’s email correspondence throughout the project, suggested measurements and layouts for spaces, depending on existing plans. The team also suggests products based on measurements.

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