How Did Charles Die on 9-1-1: Lone Star?

The second season of FOX’s action series ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ welcomes Tommy Vega, who replaces Michelle Blake as the EMS captain of 126 following the latter’s departure from the station. Tommy and her family, that included her husband Charles and daughter Izzy and Evie, eventually became the favorites of the Station 126 family.

Tommy and Charles shared heartening moments with Grace and Judd as the two families supported each other through thick and then. Charles’ unforeseen demise startled Tommy and her colleagues. As the paramedic captain still deals with the hurt of her husband’s death, one must be wondering how Charles died. Let us share the answers! SPOILERS AHEAD.

How Did Charles Die?

Charles died due to an aneurysm. In the twelfth episode of the second season, Tommy came across an unresponsive Charles, who bled from his eye. She started to do what she could as a paramedic and called 9-1-1 for medical assistance. Upon realizing that there isn’t anything she or any medical assistance can do to bring her husband back to life, she informed the 9-1-1 assistant that her husband is dead. Tommy then organizes necessary arrangements for the autopsy. Later, it was revealed that Charles died due to an aneurysm and there wasn’t anything Tommy could do to save her husband.

Charles was the ultimate love of Tommy’s life. He took the responsibility of the family when Tommy had to join Station 126, and he was the best father Izzy and Evie could ask for. When Tommy’s absence started to affect their daughters, Charles even filled her shoes in their lives, making his wife jealous of him. He was a good friend for Judd and Grace, who always kept a warm relationship with Charles, Tommy, and the girls. His death not only affected Tommy but also the Ryders, influencing them to name their daughter “Charlie” to honor their late friend.

Upon Charles’ death, Tommy arrives at crossroads to move her life forward. The grief of not being able to save her husband rattles her deeply. She finds support in the Ryders’ household and starts to attend support group meetings for relief. The frequent memories of Charles keep him alive in his wife’s heart. In the sixth episode of season 3, Tommy believes that Charles is trying to make contact with her through a blinking light bulb at her house.

On the day of Tommy and Charles’ wedding anniversary, Tommy cooks her husband’s favorite dishes and talks to him in the belief that he is listening. After pouring her heart out, she asks Charles to give her a sign that he is with her. The candles on her dinner table get reignited for Tommy to believe that he is present with her. Even after Charles’ death, Tommy finds comfort in her husband’s memories and the belief that he hasn’t gone away from her and their daughters.

Tommy’s belief may help her find closure for her grief and lead her to accept that she wasn’t in any position to save him from death. Derek Webster, known for his performance as Raymond Isler in ‘NCIS: New Orleans,’ portrays Charles in ‘9-1-1: Lone Star.’ Webster exited the action series to join the main cast of ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ as Stevie.

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