How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 10 and 11 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The tenth and eleventh episodes of Hulu’s sitcom ‘How I Met Your Father’ season 2, titled ‘I’m His Swish’ and ‘Daddy’ respectively, follow the aftermath of Sophie and Robert’s eventful meeting and eventual union. When Sophie’s relationship upsets Valentina, she finds a new and surprising partner. Jesse tries to deal with his loneliness with the help of Ellen and Rachel. Sophie starts to wonder whether she has been dating her father as Robert shares an astounding revelation concerning his youthful years. She meets a stranger, a very familiar one to the viewers, with whom she talks about her father. The eleventh episode ends with several startling developments and here is our take on the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 10 and 11 Recap

‘I’m His Swish’ begins with Sophie showing up at Pemberton’s after a while since she has been spending most of her time with Robert. Valentina, Jesse, Ellen, Sid, and Charlie make fun of her since she has been dating an old man, only to get stunned to see Robert, who arrives at the bar to meet his girlfriend. Jesse starts to feel low upon seeing Robert since he has feelings for Sophie. Ellen decides to spend her time with her adoptive brother to make him feel better, only for Rachel to call her. Rachel asks Ellen to come over to her apartment. Since Ellen doesn’t want to disappoint Jesse, she asks Rachel to come to her brother’s apartment.

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Sophie is preparing for a date with Robert at her apartment, only for Valentina to ruin the same by showing up at the place with her new boyfriend Swish, a college-going boy. Sophie confronts Valentina concerning her intentions, only for the latter to reveal that she has been dating Swish to irritate the former, who has more or less forgotten her best friend upon uniting with Robert. Swish misunderstands that Valentina really loves him. He proposes to her, only for her to reply yes believing that the former wouldn’t even remember the same the next day when he wakes up. Sophie wonders whether she is Robert’s swish but the chef makes her understand that he is ready to commit to her.

Jesse buys a pizza and goes to his apartment, only to see Ellen and Rachel having sex on his bed. They confront him about his loneliness, which motivates him to meet a girl and bring her to his apartment. She leaves him when she finds his sister’s underwear on his bed. ‘Daddy’ begins with Sophie and Robert spending their time together upstate, away from the former’s friends. Valentina, Jesse, and Ellen go through the lost and found box of the bar, only for Valentina to get a haircut manual. Jesse tries his best to get the same from her but Valentina discovers a song he had written about Sophie. Sid leaves for Los Angeles to meet Hannah.

Sid meets Taylor, who is traveling to LA to meet her boyfriend. They bond over sharing their long-distance relationship experiences, only for Taylor to follow Sid on Instagram. Sophie starts to worry whether Robert is her dad, which makes her run away from the house without letting her partner know.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 11 Ending: Who is Sophie’s Father? Will She Find Him?

When Robert talks about a concert he had attended three decades ago, Sophie remembers Lori telling her that her father is someone her mother met while attending the same concert. She asks Robert for a photograph he had taken during the time, only for him to show one he had taken with her mother. Sophie starts to wonder whether her boyfriend is also her father, which leads her to take a photo of Robert’s photograph to share it with Lori. Sophie’s mother confirms to her that Robert is not her father but the incident drives her to find and meet the unknown individual.

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Sophie’s wish to meet her father only increases when she “accidentally” meets Barney Stinson. Barney, who only met his father after becoming a grown-up, encourages Sophie to find him by sharing his experiences of reconnecting with his father. Their conversation moves Sophie, who seeks the help of her friends to find her father. Valentina, Jesse, Ellen, and Charlie promise to help her. The group may set out to find the man with whom Lori had spent her time during the particular concert. They may meet Robert to find out whether he remembers seeing Lori with some other man. If Robert can guide them to at least a group, Sophie may succeed in finding her unknown father.

In addition, Lori may know who Sophie’s father is. She must be hiding the same thinking Sophie doesn’t want to know about him. Since Sophie asks Lori about the man, her mother may realize that she wants to know the identity of the person, which may motivate Lori to reveal the same to her daughter. If Robert and Lori cannot help her, Sophie and her friends may have a hard time finding him.

Why Do Sophie and Robert Break Up?

Sophie runs away from Robert thinking that the latter can be her father. Lori eventually clears up the confusion by confirming that the chef isn’t the one. However, Robert and Lori did engage sexually during the concert. Since Robert was a partial celibate during the same time, he and Lori engaged sexually using their “hands and mouth.” Although Sophie and Robert consider continuing their relationship, they cannot move forward from the realization that the chef had oral sex with Sophie’s mother. Sophie even fails to kiss him after the revelation, which makes them realize that their relationship has come to an end.

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Sophie may have been able to give her and Robert’s relationship another chance if she hasn’t learned the graphic details of the chef and Lori’s sexual encounter. The same stays in her mind and stops her from sharing intimacy with him, paving the way for their separation. Even though their togetherness only lasts for a short period, the same changes Sophie’s life by motivating her to find her father. Robert has been nothing but an ideal partner for Sophie since he deals with her overthinking and sabotaging nature maturely, which makes their separation a disappointment in every sense.

Will Sophie Find Jesse’s Song?

When Valentina realizes that Jesse has feelings for Sophie and he had written a song about her, the musician convinces her to not reveal the same to her best friend. Jesse doesn’t want to end up between Sophie and Robert, which makes him hide his feelings for his ex-girlfriend. Valentina, however, wants to give him a chance. She leaves the lyrics in the lost and found box, especially after Sophie has expressed her wish to be a part of the next “lost and found day.” Since Valentina is expected to not reveal the location of the lyrics to Jesse, Sophie may find the same the next time the gang goes through the stuff that ends up in the box.

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After missing the “lost and found day” once, Sophie may not want to miss it again. Even if she misses, whoever finds the same is expected to hand it over to the former. Like Ellen, Sid and Charlie must have been finding it hard to see Jesse struggling with his feelings for Sophie. They may want Sophie to know the same so that Jesse can move forward in his life, with or without her, rather than getting stuck in the same. If the lyrics end up in the hands of Ellen, Sid, or Charlie, they may want Sophie to read the same and realize how much Jesse loves her.

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