How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 18 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The eighteenth episode of Hulu’s sitcom ‘How I Met Your Father’ season 2, titled ‘Parent Trap,’ revolves around Sophie’s wish to set her mother Lori and father Nick up so that she can experience what it is like to be a part of a perfect family. Ellen and Sid are tired of Charlie and Jesse respectively since the latter duo aren’t moving out of their respective apartments. Valentina meets a “hot waiter” while accompanying Sophie as she sets out to materialize her wish. The captivating episode ends with a significant decision Sophie makes and let us share everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 18 Recap

‘Parent Trap’ begins with Sophie setting out to set up Lori and Nick by inviting them to a family dinner as she expects them to bond during the night. She selects a nice restaurant and waits for her parents along with Valentina, who offers her number to a “hot waiter” they meet at the place. Lori and Nick stun Sophie by making out outside the restaurant. They get into the place and meet their daughter individually and pretend to be meeting each other for the first time after the night they spent together at Lollapalooza. Sophie then lets them know that she saw them sharing intimacy right before they entered the restaurant, demanding an explanation about their relationship.

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Lori reveals that she visited Nick after knowing that Sophie is spending a lot of her time with the restaurant owner. One thing led to another as Lori and Nick got together as a couple in no time. Meanwhile, Ellen and Sid talk about wanting Charlie and Jesse to move out of their apartments respectively. Ellen can now afford a place on her own and she doesn’t want Charlie’s presence to interfere with her dating life since she is not able to invite dates over to her apartment due to the lack of privacy. Sid wants Jesse out of the place since his wife Hannah is returning to New York City for good from Los Angeles.

Ellen and Sid try to “roommate trap” Charlie and Jesse, hoping they would share an apartment together rather than live with the former duo respectively. Ellen sends Charlie to Jesse’s apartment by pretending to need some time alone at their place. She also drops a bonding game at the place for Jesse and Charlie to bond, only for her and Sid to watch their two friends through a hidden camera. Charlie and Jesse then start to shock Ellen and Sid by bonding way too much as they start to make plans to spend more time together and acknowledge each other as special ones. Ellen and Sid get jealous and set out to confront them. Sophie fails to tolerate Lori and Nick’s relationship since she is not included in the same for her to spend her time with her parents together.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 18 Ending: Will Sophie and Jesse Get Back Together?

After fighting with Lori and Nick, Sophie runs to Sid and Jesse’s apartment and hides in the latter’s room. She talks to Jesse about their short-lived relationship and how it affected both of them. Sophie eventually talks to Lori and Nick, who talk to her about the significance of second chances. The couple conceived Sophie without knowing much about the other during a “wild” night at Lollapalooza. After a night of intimacy, they both parted ways and weren’t even aware of each other’s whereabouts. When Sophie became a bridge between them, they decided to give their togetherness a second chance that lasts more than a night of intimacy.

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Lori and Nick’s perspective of giving something a second chance moves Sophie as she must have remembered her night of intimacy with Jesse. Like Lori and Nick’s first encounter, Sophie and Jesse’s togetherness only lasts a few hours. Although they both have feelings for each other, they fail to express or communicate the same, which makes them stay separated. After learning more about her parents’ efforts to give their togetherness another chance, she seemingly wishes to give her and Jesse’s togetherness a similar chance. However, Parker’s presence in Jesse’s life as her girlfriend stops her from doing the same.

As long as there’s another woman in Jesse’s life, Sophie is not expected to be honest about her feelings for the music teacher. However, Parker may not stay in Jesse’s life forever, especially when he still has feelings for Sophie deep down inside his heart. Their decision to not pursue a relationship to stay as friends is nothing but weak enough to break down once their feelings for one another becomes unignorable. Furthermore, Parker may not be able to ignore Sophie’s warm feelings for Jesse as she is spending her time with her boyfriend and his friends regularly. If she comes to know about Jesse and Sophie’s history, she may not want to be in the middle of something that’s not yet resolved, which may lead the two “friends” to get back together as a couple.

Will Jesse and Charlie Move Out?

It doesn’t take long for Ellen and Sid to see Jesse and Charlie forming an endearing bond in a matter of just hours. The duo confronts their roommates about the same, only for Jesse and Charlie to reveal that they saw the hidden camera. Ellen and Sid then come clean about their wish to see Charlie and Jesse move out of their respective apartments. Jesse eventually realizes how Sid needs his own place when Hannah comes back to NYC for them to live as a family. He understands that Sid is not a bachelor anymore who can prioritize his best friend but a husband who deserves to share a space with his wife.

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Jesse agrees to move out of the apartment soon but Ellen asks Charlie to not leave her. Seeing Jesse and Sid’s bond, she realizes the value of such friendship. She realizes that Charlie is much more than a roommate who pays half her rent, which makes her hold him close to her. She doesn’t want to lose a person who deeply cares about her in the name of money. She understands that Charlie contributes much more to her life than the rent of the apartment he co-pays with her.

As someone who has dealt with abandonment issues all her life, Ellen finally gets someone who deeply cares for her and she doesn’t want the same person to move away from her, which makes her ask Charlie to stay with her, only for him to gladly reply yes.

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