How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The third episode of Hulu’s sitcom ‘How I Met Your Father,’ titled ‘The Reset Button,’ follows Sophie’s efforts to impress a buyer of one of her paintings. When the buyer insists on bringing the model of the painting to his house, Sophie asks Jesse to accompany her. Valentina gets back on the dating scene, infuriating Charlie. He decides to start dating again to get back on Valentina and teams up with Sid and Hannah, who are dealing with the nuances of long-distance relationships. The intriguing episode ends with Sophie and Valentina making pivotal decisions concerning their former relationships and here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

‘The Reset Button’ starts with Ellen planning a double date with Valentina in front of Charlie. While Ellen tells Valentina about Rachel’s plans, Valentina finds a date for herself for the evening, infuriating Charlie. He goes to Sid and Hannah to plan a double date while the couple deals with the lack of flyer miles. Sophie meets Naomi, who lets her know that a particular rich man has bought her painting featuring Jesse. When she comes to know that the buyer needs to see the model, Sophie convinces him to accompany her. Jesse hesitates at first but then leaves for Warren and Megan’s house thinking it will help Sophie’s career.

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Sid and Hannah meet Charlie’s date Alice and realize that she is working in an airline company. Hannah gets closer to her to earn more flyer miles so that she can meet Sid often even after she leaves New York for work. Charlie doesn’t get along with Alice and tells her that he is not ready to date again because of his feelings for Valentina. Warren turns out to be a men’s rights activist who wants to have sex with Jesse, along with his wife Megan. Sophie and Jesse take the painting from his house and leave but after making it clear that they don’t accept his patriarchal notions. Valentina goes out with Rando, astounding Sophie.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 3 Ending: Will Sophie and Jesse Get Back Together or Stay Friends?

After leaving Warren’s house, Jesse apologizes to Sophie for reaching out to Meredith the day she wanted to get back together with him. She lets him know that it is fine and adds that they will remain friends. Still, Sophie hasn’t completely moved on from Jesse, which is evident from her decision to not date Ian when he returns from Australia. Jesse has been the only person who stood by her throughout her highs and lows without judging her or her choices. It will be hard for her to move on from such a person and the love she has nurtured for him. Sophie’s insistence on being friends with Jesse can be her way of taking the time to get clarity concerning her feelings for him.

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Over the years, Sophie has dated several men and she has let her mistakes ruin her relationships with them several times. She may want to break the pattern before likely considering getting back together with Jesse. In addition, although Jesse revives his connection with Meredith, he doesn’t explicitly state that they are in a relationship. Even if they are, the sustainability of the same is a concern since Meredith doesn’t really love him wholeheartedly as Sid realizes from her actions. Jesse is expected to part ways with Meredith one way or another after their tour and if that happens, he stands a chance to get back together with Sophie.

Having said that, Sophie and Jesse’s possible reunion most likely will not happen anytime soon. In the first episode of the second season, Sophie tells her mom Lori that she is dating her possible father, indicating that she will date others after the end of her current break. Thus, Sophie and Jesse’s reunion is not on the horizon at the moment, despite being a possibility, and they will remain friends for a while before likely considering getting back together.

Will Charlie and Valentina Get Back Together?

When Sophie sees Valentina dating Rando, she gets shocked since her best friend really loves Charlie. As far as Valentina is concerned, she and Charlie definitely love each other but they are in different places concerning their priorities. Valentina is just waiting for both of their priorities to align to get back together with him. Until then, she decides to remain separated from him so that they both can enjoy their lives without holding each other back in any way. For Valentina, Rando or any other men are just means of entertainment until she and Charlie end up on the same page to reunite as a couple.

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Since Charlie wants kids while Valentina doesn’t, the latter must be waiting for one of them to change their mind. Although she doesn’t want to lose Charlie for good, she takes the risk of going out with other men since she believes that the latter wouldn’t do the same. The episode ends with Charlie introducing him to a potential date as he accepts his separation from Valentina. Although he proves Valentina wrong by getting back to the dating scene, it will not be easy for Charlie to completely move on from Valentina because of his undying feelings for her.

Even if Charlie ends up dating other women, the same may make him realize how he cannot dream of a future without Valentina. Furthermore, the possibility of losing Charlie may make Valentina reconsider her decision to wait for one of them to change their mind as well. If that happens, the future of their relationship will depend on the decision Valentina or Charlie makes concerning having kids in the future.

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