How Many “We” Companies Did Adam and Rebekah Neumann Start? How Many Still Exist?

‘WeCrashed’ follows the tumultuous rise and fall of the shared workspace company, WeWork, and the audacious strategies employed by its founder, Adam Neumann. In the show, Adam is inspired by his spiritually inclined wife, Rebekah, who expands the company’s vision to “raising the world’s consciousness.” Things get particularly chaotic after WeWork receives an influx of $4.4 billion from SoftBank and Adam and Rebekah go on a spending spree.

In addition to the multiple mansions the couple acquires, they also draw up a list of companies they want to start, all obviously starting with the monicker “We.” Rebekah even dives into creating a school called WeGrow. If you’re wondering how many “We” companies Adam and Rebekah actually started, we’ve got some interesting news for you!

How Many “We” Companies Did Adam and Rebekah Neumann Start?

On the show, we see Rebekah flipping through a couple of venture capital and entrepreneur books before coming up with a list of companies that can be started under the “We” brand. Each company essentially turns a particular service, like banking, staying at a hotel, or even renting a bicycle, into a community-centric, social business, much as WeWork did for offices. Believe it or not, there was actually talk of opening a whole host of companies that similarly encompassed a variety of services.

Image Credit: New York Times Events/YouTube

According to a New York Times report, co-founder and former CEO of WeWork, Adam Neumann, actually opened a WeLive apartment building and had plans to expand the venture. Then, of course, there was WeGrow, the education offshoot under which Adam and Rebekah opened a school. Getting to the more intriguing “We” companies, there was talk of WeBank, WeSail, and even WeSleep. Though there don’t seem to be details of exactly how these companies would function, the services they are trying to provide are more or less clear. There was also the idea of an airline.

Perhaps the most bizarre (or maybe just too premature) potential “We” company was WeMars, which supposedly aimed to create off-planet workspaces. Most of these ideas for offshoot businesses proliferated after Adam received funding from SoftBank and began to pursue increasingly ambitious plans. However, most of the “We” companies envisioned did not come to fruition.

How Many “We” Companies Still Exist?

After Adam’s resignation as CEO of WeWork and a brief time spent living in Israel, he and Rebekah returned to the United States and reacquired the curriculum of WeGrow. The couple seemingly planned to restart the school, which, when it was shut down, had about 100 students. In its reinvigorated form, Rebekah planned to rename it Student of Life For Life, or SOLFL (pronounced “soulful”). However, there have been no reports or updates about the project since.

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Adam, meanwhile, seems to be focussing on a version of WeLive — an accommodation or residential counterpart of WeWork. Of course, the name will likely be changed, and it is unclear what form the new enterprise might take. However, saying he is working on creating a “whole new property empire,” Adam reportedly purchased $17 million worth of retail property in Miami in January 2022.

Thus, there could be versions in the future of some of the “We” companies that Adam and Rebekah Neumann envisioned, but they would likely have different names. For now, WeWork, which was renamed We Company, seems to be the only “We” company presently functioning.

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