How Much Money Did Bobby Keep at the End in 2 Guns (2013)?

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg star in ‘2 Guns’ (2013), an action comedy that follows the story of two undercover officers who steal from a very dangerous enemy, inviting blood and mayhem. They steal forty-three million dollars, which leads three different parties to chase after them, trying to get the money for themselves. In the end, Bobby decides that no one deserves that money. He also finds it strategically advantageous to use the cover of the money to save himself and his partner. So, he blows it all up. In the end, however, it is hinted that there might be more to the story. Did Bobby keep some of the money for himself? Let’s find out.

Bobby’s Secret Fortune

In the final scene, we find Bobby and Stig in a diner across from another bank. This scene plays out just like the scene at the beginning of the film, where they’d planned to rob the bank that they thought had Papi’s money. This time, they know the money belongs to the CIA, but they don’t have any trouble robbing them because they know the agency is not getting this money through their good work. It is the money that they get from drug cartels, collaborating with them to bring drugs into the country and ruining the lives of the people that they are supposed to save.

This will not be the last such bank that they rob. The CIA agent who had been chasing after them for the money the entire time told them that this was just a drop of water in the ocean. There were several other such banks and even if Bobby and Stig kept the forty million, it wouldn’t make any difference to the CIA. The reason they came after the duo was because it would set a wrong precedent, leading thieves to believe that they could steal from the agency. So, if Bobby and Stig are doing it out of spite, which is possible because they weren’t corrupt officers, it is a probability that they will steal more.

Bigger heists call for bigger risks, which means better preparation, which requires money. While sitting in the diner, Stig notices that Bobby is giving a huge tip to the waitress. This is a stark contrast compared to the last time when he refused to budge when Stig asked him to tip twenty percent as opposed to fifteen. Stig had already been wondering whether Bobby had destroyed all of the forty-three million. Sure, it was an unexpected thing to do because no one would ever expect a person to just blow up millions of dollars. This move gave Bobby and Stig the upper hand on their enemies during the showdown. However, Stig would have kept some of the money and he expected the same from Bobby.

Image Credit: Patti Perret/Universal Pictures

Stig didn’t ask it before, but when he sees Bobby being so generous with the tip, he can’t keep himself from broaching the topic. As expected, Bobby plays coy about it. He confesses that he kept a little something for himself before he loaded the money in the car that he then destroyed. When Stig asks how much he kept, he simply smiles. Stig guesses that it must have been at least one or two million and asks for his cut. But Bobby doesn’t confirm anything. He keeps smiling, which means that his stash is worth more than that.

Forty-three million dollars is a huge amount, and it would have been sheer stupidity on his part if Bobby didn’t keep some of it for himself. He was not a corrupt cop and had circumstances been different and he wasn’t framed for the murder of his boss by the CIA, then he probably would have given the money back to the government. But now, he knows that even the government is stealing from its people. So, he has no inhibitions about taking a share out of the CIA’s money. His sly smile at the end indicates that he kept much more than two million. However, he will probably not reveal it to Stig because he has had trust issues and he’d rather not invite more trouble. If no one knows how much money, or if at all, he has any, then he would remain in the clear. However, we can assume that the sum must be somewhere near a quarter of the amount that he was supposed to surrender.

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