I Shan Lin and Jojo Closa: Where Are the Bakers Now?

Part of the famous ‘The Great British Baking Show‘ franchise, ‘The Great British Baking Show: The Professionals,’ AKA ‘Bake Off: The Professionals,’ is a British baking series that is followed by people worldwide. Each season, various teams of two come together and showcase just how talented they are. Season 7’s I Shan Lin and Jonnalyn “Jojo” Closa certainly fit the bill as they not only wowed us with their talents but were also able to bag a position in the competition’s finale. For those curious about what this particular duo is up to nowadays, join us as we explore the same!

I Shan Lin and Jojo Closa’s The Great British Baking Show: The Professionals Journey

Representing Hotel Café Royal, I Shan and Jojo were eager to prove to the judges and the world just what they could do when it came to the art of baking. As part of Heat B, the pair did perform well in their first week though there were some critiques from the judges about their techniques. Overall, they secured the third position, making sure that they would be part of Week 2. For the next set of challenges, the pair certainly pulled all stops as they dominated the two rounds despite some hiccups, helping them earn the first position this time around.

Now eager to secure a position in the Top 6, I Shan and Jojo used their creative minds and honed skills with chocolate to create a beautiful array of desserts. For the first round, they had to elevate spherical chocolate balls though the judges did think that they missed the brief. However, their ode to spring certainly charmed everyone who ate the same. Their showstopper chocolate showpiece helped them to depict the seas in a way that caught one’s eye, though they again missed the mark of some requirements. Nevertheless, they bagged the second position in Week 3, ensuring they would be a part of the Top 6.

The week before the quarterfinals, I Shan and Jojo were once again giving it their all, which helped them become third in that particular round of challenges. However, possibly due to the lack of a required element in their theme-park-based showpiece, the two women landed in the bottom 2 in the quarterfinals, narrowly avoiding elimination. The same pattern repeated in the semifinals as the other two finalists were assured a position in the last week before I Shan and Jojo. However, they did not let it stop them and were more than determined to put their best foot forward during the finals. Their work certainly earned them praise from Benoit Blin and Cherish Finden, even though it was ultimately Nathan Rave and Kevin Marmion who were declared winners.

I Shan Lin and Jojo Closa Are Flourishing in Their Careers Today

Seemingly focused on her career with desserts, I Shan, who turned 33 in December 2022, seems to be doing quite well in life. Seen in the British baking show when she was a Junior Pastry Sous Chef at Hotel Café Royal, she left the position in June 2022. In the same month, I Shan joined Pan Pacific London, working once again as a Junior Pastry Sous Chef. However, since February 2023, she has been working at Claridge’s as a Junior Sous Chef. Additionally, the culinary expert has been working as a freelance Visual Artist since August 2016.

Presently based in Finsbury Park, England, I Shan often posts pictures of eye-catching mouthwatering desserts on her social media profiles. As for Jojo Closa, she has seemingly also left Hotel Café Royal behind her since appearing in the world-famous show. Currently, she is affiliated with the Dorchester Hotel in London, England, putting her admirable culinary skills to the test. We wish both women the best in their culinary paths and hope to see them reach even higher levels of success in the future.

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