I Woke Up a Vampire Renewed For Season 2 at Netflix and Family Channel

Netflix and Family Channel have renewed the comedy-drama series ‘I Woke Up a Vampire’ for a second season. The shooting of the sophomore installment is slated to start in Toronto, Ontario, on an undisclosed date. Creator Tommy Lynch continues to serve as the showrunner along with Warren P. Sonoda (‘Resident Alien’) and Michael McGowan (‘Murdoch Mysteries’), who are returning to direct the episodes.

The first season of the show ends with the revelation that Carmie’s birth mother is the evil Shapeshifter, who is trying to find the Blendeds for her army. Since Madison is a She-Wolf, her friend Dylan hunts her down and hands her over to the Collector. Kev comes to learn that the Collector is helping the Shapeshifter since his daughter is held hostage by the evil entity. Dylan rectifies his mistake by helping Carmie save Madison from the Collector. Carmie and Dylan shine with their performance in the school musical but Madison leaves the town after saying goodbye to Kev.

The second installment may explore the aftermath of Carmie’s realization that her birth mother is the evil Shapeshifter. She may try to find out why the daughter of the Collector, who is a mythic, looks exactly like her. Carmie will likely also wonder whom to hold closer to her after a call from the singer Rick Astley, who advises her not to trust the wrong people. While Carmie confronts a puzzling future ahead of her, Kev may stand beside his best friend to help her navigate her life through the unsettling truth she discovers.

Although the cast of season 2 is yet to be officially announced, we can expect the return of Kaileen Angelic Chang and Niko Ceci as Carmie and Kev respectively. Zebastin Borjeau (Dylan), Ana Araujo (Leanna), Kris Siddiqi (the Collector), and Charlotte Legault (Shapeshifter) may join the two lead performers. Aaliyah Cinello’s involvement in the second installment is uncertain since her character Madison departs from the general setting of the series.

Toronto, the principal location of the second season of the comedy-drama series, also hosted the filming of its first season. The city is a significant location of several renowned productions such as Prime Video’s ‘Reacher,’ Eli Roth’s horror thriller ‘Thanksgiving,’ and Sofia Coppola’s biographical drama ‘Priscilla.’

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