I Woke Up A Vampire: Who Is The Shapeshifter?

The fantastical underground world in ‘I Woke Up A Vampire’ holds many secrets and suspense for the protagonist, Carmie, to uncover alongside her best friend, Kev. Having recently discovered her identity as a Vampling, half-human-half-vampire, Carmie has a lot to learn about the Mythic world and the various Mythic creatures that reside in the shadows. In fact, one such mystery exists right under the tween duo’s noses as Kev’s boss, the comic book store owner known only as The Collector.

The Collector works with Dylan Helsing, the new kid in town who hangs out with Carmie and Kev by the day and hunts for supernatural creatures by the night. However, unbeknownst to Dylan, The Collector is also partnering up with one of the more devious Mythics on Earth, The Shapeshifter. If the scarlet-clad woman’s mysterious aura and menacing intentions have captured your attention, here is everything you need to know about her! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Shapeshifter and Her Sinister Plan

Introduced in episode three, ‘Mirror Mirror,’ The Shapeshifter, who is only ever referred to by the same title, instantly establishes her wickedness from her first appearance. After Dylan delivers a young Hugar boy to The Collector, he prepares to sell the kid off to the fanged woman, who is one of his most significant clients. The Shapeshifter is in possession of something of high value to The Collector, his daughter Jewel. As such, the warlock, known for his ability to procure mystical items, is gathering Blendeds for the Shapeshifter.

Although Dylan is unaware of the same, the boy has little concern for what happens to the Blendeds after The Collector gets his hands on them. Due to his upbringing in an infamous hunter family renowned for their brutal war against the Mythics, Dylan believes that Blendeds— young Mythic/Human hybrid kids— pose a threat to humanity. Consequently, he unwittingly becomes a pawn in The Shapeshifter’s mission.

The Shapeshifter is gathering Blendeds against their will to make an army. While the details of her purpose with said army remain unknown, one can easily imagine the woman’s nefarious reasons, including the domination of humanity. Blendeds exist in a unique limbo between Mythic identity and humanity. At thirteen, the kids unlock their powers and have three years, after which they must choose between their Mythic and human sides.

The Shapeshifter wants to rob the Blendeds of their opportunity to choose humanity. Therefore, she’s on a quest to collect Blendeds and utilizes The Collector’s help by kidnapping his daughter and holding her as leverage. Although The Collector believes The Shapeshifter will return Jewel to him if he helps her in her quest, the woman likely always planned to keep Jewel by her side since she manipulated the young warlock offspring into forgetting her own father.

Yet, the most staggering detail of The Shapeshifter’s identity remains in her unlikely connection to Carmie, her biological daughter. According to Dylan, who has plenty of firsthand knowledge about the mythic world, Shapeshifters are some of the most powerful Mythic beings. However, shapeshifting itself is a skill learned by vampires with enough control over their minds. As such, The Shapeshifter, a vampire, is none other than Carmie’s biological mother.

Years before the show’s events, The Shapeshifter gave birth to Carmie. However, the baby was abandoned in a fire station, following which the Henleys adopted her. As a result, thirteen years later, Carmie lives in the human world with no knowledge about her Mythic roots. Meanwhile, The Shapeshifter doesn’t seem to be looking for her lost daughter. Still, given that the woman named Carmie herself, she clearly has some attachments to her daughter. Furthermore, since neither Carmie nor anyone else knows anything about her human father, the possibility remains that the vampire mother didn’t willingly give Carmie up.

Therefore, perhaps The Shapeshifter’s quest to gather Blended children is in some way connected to her own lost Blended child. Nevertheless, the woman’s evil plans remain at the forefront of her identity. Thus, Carmie, who recognizes the same, also finds only horror after discovering her birth mother’s identity. Whether or not The Shapeshifter knows about Carmie’s connection to her still remains up in the air. Nevertheless, when the two cross paths in the future, their reunion is unlikely to go well.

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