Imaginary: Where Was the Horror Movie Filmed?

Directed by Jeff Wadlow, ‘Imaginary’ delves into the concept of imaginary friends and twists them with dark forces lurking just beneath the surface. As Jessica returns to her childhood home with her family, she rediscovers her old teddy bear, Chauncey, to which her youngest stepdaughter, Alice, becomes disturbingly attached. What starts as innocent playtime soon takes a sinister turn as Alice’s behavior becomes increasingly concerning, seemingly influenced by the malevolent presence of Chauncey.

As Jessica begins to realize that Chauncey is more than just a stuffed toy, she confronts the terrifying truth that her childhood memories may be hiding something sinister. Set against the backdrop of Jessica’s childhood home, the horror film explores the notion of imaginary friends and the ominous potential lurking within them. With Jessica’s simple suburban home turned into a nightmarish setting, one might be intrigued to explore the real-world locations where the movie was filmed.

Imaginary Filming Locations

‘Imaginary’ was filmed in sites around New Orleans, Louisiana. Principal photography was carried out between May 18, 2023, and June 29 of the same year. The film’s cast and crew seemed to be in high spirits behind the scenes and shared lighthearted moments. Allow us to take you through the filming sites used in the production.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant atmosphere, New Orleans served as the primary filming location for ‘Imaginary,’ providing the perfect backdrop for the eerie tale of childhood innocence corrupted by a malevolent entity. With its diverse array of architectural styles, from historic French Quarter buildings to majestic plantation homes, New Orleans offers a plethora of visually stunning locations to bring dark narratives to life.

To create sequences of the Never Ever, Jeff Wadlow imagined a series of doors that would stretch along the hallway seemingly going on forever. His vision was brought to life using practical effects under the expertise of production designer Meghan Rogers. “You know when you’re in Vegas, you’re in those hotels, and the hallways just seem to never end? And it’s kind of terrifying,” he said in an interview. “We ended up designing this set that was going to be way more expensive than we could afford to build but we had just such an incredible production team, they figured it out.”

The city’s unique blend of old-world charm and modern-day allure lent itself well to the film’s juxtaposition of innocence and malevolence. From the picturesque streets lined with colorful Creole cottages to the grandeur of its iconic mansions, New Orleans harbors an eclectic selection of modern and antiquated homes for filmmakers to set their riveting tales in. One of the key elements of ‘Imaginary’ is its exploration of the supernatural, and New Orleans’ reputation as a hub of paranormal activity added an extra layer of intrigue to the film. With its history of voodoo rituals, haunted houses, and ghostly legends, New Orleans is known as the most haunted city in the country.

The city’s ghastly reputation infused the movie with an unsettling sense of unease, enhancing the atmosphere of suspense and dread. New Orleans’ vibrant cultural scene and bustling nightlife add visually appealing canvases to the repertoire of any filmmaker choosing to lens scenes in the city. From bustling street markets to lively jazz clubs, the city’s dynamic energy infuses movies with a sense of vitality and realism, grounding most narratives in a relatable and immersive world.

The film crew traveled to the Atchafalaya Basin situated in southern Louisiana, to shoot scenes for ‘Imaginary.’ With its sprawling wetlands, winding bayous, and dense cypress forests, the basin provides the perfect backdrop for the haunting horror tales. As Jessica returns to her childhood home with her family in the movie, the lush and mysterious landscapes of the Atchafalaya Basin evoke a sense of nostalgia and foreboding. The serene beauty of the wetlands conceals a hidden menace, mirroring the sinister presence of Chauncey, the malevolent teddy bear at the center of the story. This marshy locale of southcentral Louisiana can be seen in the ‘Pirate Island’ episode of ‘Ghosts of Morgan City.’

New Orleans’ haunted history, diverse architecture, and filming infrastructure made it the ideal filming location for ‘Imaginary.’ With its hauntingly beautiful landscapes and atmospheric settings, the city brought the story to life in a way that terrified and immersed us in a world of ominous imaginary forces brought to life. Other such films lensed in the city include, ‘Lisa Frankenstein,’ ‘American Horror Story,’ ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s,’ ‘The Originals,’ ‘No One Will Save You,’ and ‘Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles.’

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