In Good Hands 2: Is Private Sevdem School Real?

The sequel to the eponymous family drama film, ‘In Good Hands 2,’ picks up a year after Melisa’s death with her kid, Can, settling into a new life with his long-lost father, Firat. While the duo’s easy rapport flourishes, each character finds themselves mourning Melisa’s loss, creating tension between the pair. Furthermore, Firat’s newfound medical issue that demands his sobriety compels the man to face difficult situations without the crutch of an unhealthy coping mechanism. Consequently, the father-son duo’s narrative remains ripe with complicated dynamics until the addition of another grieving individual, Sezen, brings balance to their household.

In Melisa’s absence, Can’s life changes in drastic ways, paving the way for new interests as well as problems. The kid’s new enrollment at Private Sevdem School introduces both elements into the boy’s life, as it pushes him out of his comfort zone and into a new world. However, within the film’s dramatic world, is there any reality behind Can’s school?

Private Sevdem School Is a Fictional Establishment

The ‘In Good Hands’ universe remains a fictitious tale about complicated family dynamics equipped to explore concepts of love and grief— and how they play into the intricate relationship between a parent and a child. Therefore, while the narrative nuances within the film remain authentic to the human condition, the storylines and plot details don’t sport a basis in a real-life instance. Thus, storytelling elements like the characters and the places they visit tend to remain confined to the world of fictionality. The same is true of the Private Sevdem School that Can attends.

In the first installment, Can’s reluctance to enroll in kindergarten presents a crucial aspect of his character. After growing up under his mother’s sole guidance, the kid had become incredibly attached to Melisa. As a result, he refuses to leave her for an extended period, even for school. Thus, the introduction of Private Sevdem School in the sequel highlights an instrumental milestone in Can’s character development. Since Melisa’s untimely death, the boy has had to make several adjustments to his new life— regular school attendance being one of them.

Even though Can finds a new home with Firat, the kid isn’t as attached to his father, with whom he has only spent a year. Therefore, it’s easier for him to attend school even if he has to face bullies on a regular basis. The same showcases the growth within Can’s character as well as the positive influence Firat has had on the kid. Even so, Can continues to struggle with the new social environment— going as far as attempting to drop out at one instance.

The same remains a realistic depiction of Can’s frazzled emotional state over the drastic changes he has had to welcome in his life in the past year. Therefore, the Private Sevdem School remains an efficient tool in building Can’s worldview and developing his character. Still, while the establishment may play a crucial role in the story, it lacks any existence outside of the film’s narrative.

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