In Good Hands 2: Is Sezen’s Brother Dead? How Did Kerem Die?

‘In Good Hands 2,’ the Turkish comedy-drama film, follows up after the eponymous first installment and charts the story of a young boy who copes with the loss of his mother while building ties with his newfound father. Can, the seven-year-old boy, and Firat, his father, who didn’t know about the kid for the first six years of his life, remain at the narrative’s center as they navigate their new lives after Melisa’s death. In their journey, both characters find unexpected companionship in Sezen, whose paths cross with Firat in a twist of fate.

Sezen’s character brings her own complicated background into the storyline as her relationship with her absent brother remains a looming cloud over her narrative. Consequently, as the woman remains guarded about her past while also highlighting her brother’s significance in her life, it ignites a natural curiosity within the other characters and viewers alike. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Kerem: The Tragic Loss of Sezen’s Brother

From Sezen’s initial introduction into the plot, a sense of loss plagues the character, which attracts Firat toward the woman. Still, once the woman divulges her story to Firat upon their second meeting, the man can tell she’s keeping specific details hidden. Sezen explains her depressed state to Firat by telling him about her younger brother Kerem, who moved to America after getting accepted into MIT. Thus, she reasons that since she was close to her brother, whom she lived with, his absence has taken a tough toll on her.

Nonetheless, Firat lets Sezen’s noticeable half-truths go unmentioned, realizing he’s not willing to share his own full story yet. Eventually, as the pair’s relationship progresses and Can becomes a crucial part of their dynamic, Kerem comes up in conversation again. Ever since Can lost Melisa, he has been interested in time travel, perceiving it as a fantastical solution to his mother’s absence. Therefore, after the kid comes across an office full of books, telescopes, space projections, and such, he’s instantly intrigued.

As a result, Sezen tells the kid about Kerem and promises to establish a conversation between the two so that the kid can ask her brother all about time travel. Only the same never comes to fruition. Through excuses about time differences and such, Sezen manages to avoid the topic altogether. Even so, Firat allows the woman her privacy. Yet, eventually, things come to a head after the man has an altercation with one of the parents from Can’s new school, which brings up fresh insecurities.

For the same reason, Firat begins drinking heavily despite his medical condition, which leaves him vulnerable to Cirrhosis. During that time, Sezen attempts to talk some sense into Firat by questioning his coping mechanisms, which leads to the man snapping at her about her unhealthy methods of dealing with grief. Even though Sezen never said it, Firat figured out that rather than moving away, Kerem actually died.

A few months ago, Firat was at the local club, where he spotted Sezen and Kerem. The siblings were celebrating the latter’s acceptance into MIT, his dream school, with the older sister freely expressing her pride at her brother’s accomplishments. While the pair were leaving, Firat noticed Sezen’s drunken state and offered to drive them home. Nonetheless, Kerem, who was entirely sober, turned down the offer. Afterward, Firat heard news of a lethal car accident that happened outside of the same club. As such, despite Sezen’s lies, Firat has always known the truth about Kerem’s death.

Since Sezen was drunk on the night of her brother’s death, she blames herself for his demise. She convinced herself that if she hadn’t insisted on going out to celebrate Kerem’s achievement, her brother would still be alive and thriving. For the same reason, the woman chooses to stay sober, avoids cars, and makes up stories about her brother’s continued existence. Nevertheless, Firat ends up helping her face the reality of her situation by forcing her to accept Kerem’s death and encouraging Sezen to shed any guilt about it.

While the confrontation leads to some complications between Sezen and Firat, the duo is able to work through their differences. In the end, by being honest about Kerem, Sezen begins her journey of healing with Firat and Can by her side— both of whom deeply understand her situation since they are similarly mourning Melisa’s passing.

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