Irina Solomonova: Where is Love is Blind Contestant Now?

Since ‘Love is Blind‘ released its first episode, it has become a favorite of reality TV fans. The show’s take on love and marriage makes it engaging to watch as the participants try to find a spouse. This has, of course, led the public to become connected to some of the most intriguing people to be featured in the show. For example, season 4’s Irina Solomonova became beloved due to the various ups and downs that she went through on the show. The recent release of the fourth installment of the dating show has made many people curious about where Irina is nowadays. Luckily, we are here to find answers to the same!

Irina Solomonova’s Love is Blind Journey

One of the main reasons behind Irina’s entrance into the reality show was her insistence on finding a partner who would love her for herself and not pass judgment based on any physical attributes that might not fit the standard of conventional beauty. Knowing she deserved a partner who would adore and cherish her, she dived head-first into the experiment. Irina soon became attracted to Zack Goytowski due to similar childhood experiences.

Zack Goytowski(Left) and Irina Solomonova(Right)

However, Irina’s path to engagement was far from simple, and she had to compete against Bliss Poureetezadi for Zack’s affection. The two women even got into a bit of an argument on his birthday when she saw the latter baking cupcakes and asked if she could ask for one of her candles. Slowly but steadily, the connection between Irina and Zack deepened. He even stated that while he felt she was more “vicious” than him, she had a sincere and caring heart. Such heartfelt moments soon led Zack to propose to Irina.

Now happily engaged, Irina saw Zack for the first time but did not seem pleased. She even commented that he reminded her of a “cartoon character,” something that he was not sure what to make off. As the couple went on their trip to Mexico, their bond slowly started to crumble. Irina admitted to her friend Micah Lussier that she felt the “ick” every time Zack touched her and that she was not physically attracted to him.

Micah Lussier(Left) and Irina Solomonova(Right)

Meanwhile, Irina saw Micah’s fiance, Paul Peden, for the first time and realized she might indeed have a type, given her attraction to him. As all the engaged participants got to know each other, she started to talk to Paul more and more, and their conversations often had a flirty undertone. On the other hand, Zack was frustrated with the lack of communication and was afraid that he had made the wrong choice. On their last night in Mexico, Irina and Zack decided to break things up, with the former admitting that she had started to lose her faith in the relationship shortly after the two met.

Where is Irina Solomonova Now?

As of writing, it does not seem like Irina is in a relationship. Her connection with Zack came to an amicable end, though it does seem like her feelings for Paul might not have set well with Micah. This has led many to not wonder about the future of the friendship between the two women. Yet, currently, they do seem to be on amicable terms. That said, fans are hopeful that Irina will soon find her love match and live happily ever after.

Based in Kent, Washington, Irina Solomonova takes pride in her role as the Founder of Solo Collective. The company works within the event planning industry and can be contacted by their website by those who plan to avail of their services. She is also a Shift Lead for Joey Restaurant Group in Bellevue, Washington. The reality TV star likes to spend time with her family and friends as much as possible and celebrated her 26th birthday on November 15, 2022.

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