Is 28 Days Haunted Scripted or Real?

Netflix’s ’28 Days Haunted’ is a horror reality series that stretches the norms of everything the world has known about paranormal investigation. Based on a theory proposed by Ed and Lorraine Warren, the show brings three teams of investigators to three different haunted locations. The participants are not informed about the place they will spend the next 28 days in. During the stay, the investigators cannot contact anyone from the outside, and they must get to the bottom of secrets that haunt their temporary residences.

The series takes real-world locations which have long been associated with paranormal activities. The depiction and explanation of popular supernatural investigative methods keep the audience hooked as the professionals try to solve the mystery. Naturally, the show’s otherworldly nature, combined with unexplainable events, has made many viewers wonder just how much of it is real, and we are here to answer the same!

Is 28 Days Haunted Scripted?

The truth highly becomes a matter of perspective regarding shows or movies centered around paranormal activities. This is one of the main reasons why people are dubious about the authenticity of the events showcased in ’28 Days Haunted.’ If one believes in the world of the supernatural and the existence of spirits, then the show acts more like someone testing out a theory in a somewhat scientific manner to get proof. Nevertheless, skeptics would be hard-pressed to consider the show an accurate depiction of reality.

For those intrigued by the concepts of spirits and otherworldly presence, the show expands on the works of Ed and Lorraine Warren. The couple is well-known worldwide as ghost hunters and has had many of their cases adapted into popular movies. Fans of ‘The Conjuring‘ franchise have the Warrens to thank as their stories inspired the movie’s plot. After years of experience as paranormal investigators, the duo came up with the theory of a 28-day cycle.

According to the Warrens, it would take investigators 28 days to fully uncover the supernatural secrets of a haunted location. The time would be far from easy, but as the team stayed in one place, the veil between life and death would grow thinner. Since the married couple could not prove their theory before their death, their son-in-law Tony Spera and paranormal expert Aaron Sagers decided to see how well it held up to reality.

The approach towards the paranormal theory is as scientific as one might expect. It is conducted like a sociological experiment where the teams are constantly monitored through cameras. The contestants all have some form of history as paranormal investigators; for some, this was far from their first television appearance. So, for the supernatural believers, the cast, crew, and actions seem to be based on reality.

On the other hand, if you are a skeptic, there is a minimal chance that the show will likely provide you with definite proof of the supernatural. It has its fair share of scary moments, and the history of the locations is indeed factual. All three haunted places have a criminal past that the show expands on at the right moments. Albeit, the bloody history of a location is far from solid evidence for the presence of spirits. Additionally, in the past, Netflix has been accused of faking its horror stories.

Especially the authenticity of ‘Haunted’ seems to have come under fire the most as many questioned the platform for fabricating the stories told by those featured in the anthology series. When it comes to ’28 Days Haunted’ in particular, several elements seem to be both working in and against its favor. The precise nature of the details uncovered by investigators will likely make believers more receptive to the show’s authenticity. Nonetheless, the same thing is likely to make skeptics scoff as they would be less inclined to believe the correctness of the information.

For example, in the case of Madison Dry Goods, Brandi Miller, a medium, believes that the oldest daughter, who haunts the building, was sexually abused by her father, Charlie. He later killed the whole family upon discovering that his daughter was pregnant by him. In real life, the location was where Charlie Lawson killed his family in 1929, apart from his oldest son. His victims included his oldest daughter Marie. Surprisingly, the claims of an anonymous source came forward, which stated that Charlie indeed was sexually abusing his daughter and the latter had fallen pregnant.

Lawson Family

As we have mentioned, the whole scenario feeds into both sides of the argument. For many, it is proof of something that was revealed years later, whereas the other side is likely to consider the whole incident as made-up, especially since the pregnancy claim was uncovered over 60 years after the actual crime. Hence, they might believe that Netflix may have taken the story’s dramatic elements and run with it.

The apparent demonic possession of Charlie Lawson, as shown in the show, might be synonymous with the change in his behavior during the end of his days though he did suffer a head injury months before the crime in consideration. What the participants see likely is what they believe to be accurate. However, one must also consider that they are locked in a single location, with minimal socialization, for 28 days, likely affecting their mental health.

In other words, what the participants see may have been entirely true for them, but that does not necessarily mean it is the truth of the whole situation. Therefore, the authenticity of the events shown in ’28 Days Haunted’ is highly dependent on the belief system of the viewer. No claims have been made regarding Netflix having faked anything as of writing when it comes to the series. For believers of the supernatural, the show is a sort of experiment that takes the first step into proving a well-established theory. Even if you might not be a believer, the entertaining nature of the show will likely keep you captivated, especially if you are a horror fan.

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