Is Allagash Dead? Is Christian Slater Leaving Willow?

Portrayed by Christian Slater, Allagash is an important character in the Disney+ fantasy series ‘Willow.’ Kit (Ruby Cruz) and Willow (Warwick Davis) encounter him after they are captured by the trolls and taken to the Dread Mines of Skellin. When Kit meets Allagash, he is also a captive and declares himself as Madmartigan, much to the confusion of both Willow and Kit. When Allagash finally realizes who these two people are, he says his real name. Allagash and Boorman were part of Madmartigan’s group that searched for the legendary Kymerian Cuirass, and they now blame each other for what ultimately happened to their party. If you are wondering whether Allagash survives the events of the sixth episode of ‘Willow,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Allagash Dead?

Toward the end of episode 5, Kit and Willow are captured by the trolls and taken to their lair. In episode 6, titled ‘Prisoners of Skellin,’ it turns out that the trolls work for the Crone, and like any other entity of darkness, they wish to capture Elora Danan. When Kit and Willow are locked behind bars at the troll lair, they meet their fellow captive, Allagash. He has been there for about a decade, and everything he has experienced there has left their marks on him, physically and psychologically.

Both Allagash and Boorman offer Kit their own versions of what happened to her father, though it becomes apparent that one is clearly more guilty than the other. Allagash claims that Boorman betrayed Madmartigan and convinces Kit to free him. Carefully navigating through the trolls without raising their suspicion, Kit, Willow, and Allagash reach Wiggleheim’s tomb. Wiggleheim was a renowned Nelwyn adventurer. Among the things he supposedly collected and was buried with was the Kymerian Cuirass. It is there they encounter Boorman, Jade, and Elora. This is the first time Allagash and Boorman have seen each other in a decade. Predictably, they start fighting, calling each other traitors and blaming each other for what happened.

It seems that Kit knows that Allagash has been lying, and he did betray her father. But she holds Boorman more responsible because he was Madmartigan’s squire. The group eventually finds their way through a secret door and answers riddles to open the gate of the tomb. Allagash and Boorman fight again over what is supposed to be the Cuirass.

After Allagash vanishes with the Cuirass, the group thinks he has betrayed them. Right when they are about to be attacked by the trolls, Allagash reappears, complaining about the Cuirass not working, and joins the fight. In his youth, Allagash was one of Madmartigan’s closest companions, “the only knight in Galladoorn dumber” than Madmartigan. He regrets the choices he has made in his life, including betraying Madmartigan. But when his friend spared his life all those years ago, Allagash knew he was supposed to serve a greater purpose. So, after Kit and the others get out, he closes the door behind them, tells Kit to protect Elora, and seemingly dies fighting for the Chosen One and Madmartigan’s daughter.

Is Christian Slater Leaving Willow?

It seems that Slater was meant to appear in just one episode from the beginning, at least in this season. His character fights a horde of trolls to buy time for Elora and Kit and vanishes underneath them. It is heavily implied that Allagash is dead. However, the audience doesn’t see his dead body, so there is a window in the narrative through which the character can be brought back in the future.

Slater clearly loved playing Allagash. “‘Cause I’m excited about it and I had so much fun doing it. But you don’t know if it’s going to translate to how they’re going to put it all together and if they’re going to keep in the bumps and the mistakes and the black eyes,” the Mr. Robot actor told

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