Is Alyssa Diaz’s Angela Lopez Pregnant Again in The Rookie?

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The fifth season of ABC’s police procedural showThe Rookie’ depicts the return of Elijah Stone into the lives of Wesley and his wife Angela Lopez. With the help of his attorney Monica, Elijah initially manages to avoid prison time and threatens to kill the couple. To retaliate against the crime lord, Angela joins her professional partner Nyla Harper several times to arrest the members of the crime lord’s gang. While Angela tries her best to protect her and her family’s lives, she learns a significant matter about herself, which must have made the viewers curious about her pregnancy. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Alyssa Diaz’s Angela Lopez’s Pregnancy

In the fifth season of the series, Wesley lets Angela know about his desire to be the father of a second child. Since the couple has been fighting an extremely dangerous crime lord such as Elijah Stone, Angela responds to her husband that it is not at all the time to think about welcoming another child, especially since their lives are threatened by Elijah’s presence. Still, Angela gets pregnant, despite having birth control pills. During a stakeout, she informs her professional partner Harper that she is pregnant. She also reveals the same to her husband, who celebrates the news. Although the second pregnancy wasn’t in her plans, Angela accepts the same and starts to look forward to having her second child.

Image Credit: Raymond Liu/ABC

Ever since Angela gets pregnant, the viewers of the show have been eager to find out whether Alyssa Diaz, who plays the detective, is pregnant in real life. The curiosity prominently emerges due to Diaz’s pregnancy during the production of the third season of the series, which was integrated into the show’s narrative as Angela’s pregnancy. “Alyssa just had a baby in real life. That was part of our journey this season was her calling up to say, ‘I’m pregnant’ and us going, ‘Okay, great you’re pregnant on the show,’ creator Alexi Hawley told EW at the time. Hawley wanted to make use of the opportunity to explore the challenges Angela would face professionally as a pregnant police officer.

In addition, Nyla Harper’s pregnancy in the fourth and fifth seasons of the series was conceived after actress Mekia Cox got pregnant in real life. Thus, the viewers can’t be blamed for wondering about Diaz’s possible pregnancy in real life. However, as of yet, the actress hasn’t announced whether she is pregnant to her followers and fans. Since the actress usually tries to separate her personal life from the spotlight, it is understandable that she may have chosen to not announce the same even if she is pregnant due to privacy concerns. Therefore, we may need to wait for Diaz to confirm the origin of Angela’s pregnancy.

Image Credit: Raymond Liu/ABC

Angela’s pregnancy can be a fictional development conceived without any relation to Diaz’s personal life. The detective’s pregnancy raises the stakes of her battle against Elijah Stone since she cannot risk her safety when she is nurturing a second life in her. Her being pregnant also increases the tension in the storyline, making the viewers root for Angela and her family while Elijah continues to threaten her and Wesley. In the seventeenth episode of the fifth season, the crime lord even threatens to harm the unborn child by hitting her abdomen. Hawley must have found pregnancy a consequential narrative development that can enhance Angela’s arc significantly after using the same in the third season.

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