Is Amy Aquino’s Grace Billets in Bosch: Legacy?

Amy Aquino is a veteran actor who has played a variety of roles on both big and small screens. In ‘Bosch,’ a police procedural detective fiction show developed from the ‘Harry Bosch’ series of books by Michael Connelly, Aquino portrays Grace Billets. At the start of the show, Grace is a lieutenant in the LAPD and one of Bosch’s closest friends. Their relationship gradually changes as the series progresses. She is there along with other colleagues of Bosch when he quits the police force. If you are wondering whether Grace Billets is in the sequel spin-off series, ‘Bosch: Legacy,’ here is what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Grace Billets in Bosch: Legacy?

Grace shares a close bond with the eponymous character, Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver), the protagonist. They have risen through the ranks of the LAPD together and seem to understand each other at a level that no one else is privy to. Since the beginning, Grace has voiced her honest thoughts on Bosch’s personal and professional lives, and he has accepted them without much hostility — something that other people in his close circle likely can’t claim. But their relationship starts to change later in the series as Bosch begins to unravel the mystery surrounding his mother’s murder. The more he devotes himself to this, the more secluded he becomes from the world around him.

In the seventh and final season, their relationship is as strained as it has ever been, and their paths gradually diverge from each other. For years, Grace has been the mediator between Bosch and the police bureaucracy, but she eventually becomes completely entrenched in the said bureaucracy. In the series finale, Irving makes her an offer she can’t refuse and turns her into a captain. With the Hollywood division’s impending shutdown, Grace brings down the curtain on several members of the squad and orchestrates the transfer of the others. She is in the station when the gunshots are heard in the series finale.

Grace and the others rush outside and discover that the gang leader and arsonist, Mickey Peña, has been gunned down by the father of one of his young victims, and then the police killed the man in retaliatory fire. Bosch’s resignation plays out before her eyes, but she doesn’t step up to play the mediator this time. Too many things have happened over the years that have left Grace and Bosch completely alienated from each other, and neither knows how to bridge the gap.

‘Bosch: Legacy’ focuses on the protagonist’s life as a private investigator. Although he and Grace both live in Los Angeles, their lives have veered in different directions. So, understandably, Grace is not one of the main characters in the spin-off. But that doesn’t mean we can completely rule out the prospect of Aquino’s return to the Bosch universe. She is currently busy with her upcoming film ‘The Grotto.’ But with ‘Bosch: Legacy’ already being renewed for a second season, there is an opportunity to do just that.

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