Is Ashley Stubbs Dead? Did Luke Hemsworth Leave Westworld?

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The fourth season of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld’ depicts Ashley Stubbs accompanying Bernard Lowe as the latter sets out to save the world from the apocalypse. When Bernard joins Frankie’s resistance group and rebuilds Maeve Millay, Stubbs stands beside him as a loyal friend irrespective of the life-threatening situations he has to confront. Even when Bernard and others leave for stopping Hale, Stubbs is with his friend and his allies, risking his life. In the fourth season finale, Stubbs encounters an unexpected enemy, who targets his life. So, is he dead for good? Is the development an indication of Luke Hemsworth’s exit from the show? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Ashley Stubbs Dead?

After rebuilding Meave, Bernard leads her and Frankie to stop Hale from annihilating humanity and save Caleb Nichols from the latter’s prison. Stubbs accompanies the group, only to hear from Bernard that he doesn’t survive in the path Bernard has chosen to save the world. Even after knowing about his potential death, Stubbs continues his efforts to aid Bernard as a true friend and even succeeds in rescuing Caleb with Frankie. After rescuing him, the trio moves towards the dock to leave for the outliers’ place to rejoin Frankie’s group. However, midway through the journey, they encounter Clementine Pennyfeather.

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Clementine demands to know the location of the outliers from Frankie. When Stubbs fights her, she kills him. Stubbs’ death proves Bernard right, who has already predicted his demise. Even though Stubbs dies, the better way to explain the same is to say that Stubbs is dead for now. Since he is a host, a return to life is not impossible for the character. As Bernard rebuilds a dead Maeve after twenty-three years, he may get rebuilt in the future. The fourth season of the show ends with Dolores/Christina entering the Sublime for a final test/game involving Hosts and possibly humans.

Dolores/Christina returns to Westworld, possibly to find out a way for humans and Hosts to co-exist. If that’s the case, she may aspire for the presence of Bernard, who has helped her to get transferred to the Sublime through Hale and stop William from destroying the Sublime. Dolores has always trusted Bernard and displayed the same by passing the key to the Sublime to the latter. If she rebuilds Bernard for her final test, the latter will most likely rebuild his best friend, leading to Stubbs’ return to life. Despite such a possibility, does his death means that Luke Hemsworth had already left the show? Let’s see.

Did Luke Hemsworth Leave Westworld?

Neither HBO nor Luke Hemsworth has announced the exit of the actor from ‘Westworld.’ If the show gets renewed for the fifth season, Hemsworth may return to the same, especially since the potential narrative of the season has enough scope for Stubbs’ return to life. As Dolores returns to Westworld, Stubbs can be in her plans for her test as one of the hosts associated with the amusement park. As one of the cast members who has been part of the show from its first season, Hemsworth is expected to remain an integral part of the show if the fifth season gets greenlit by the network.

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Death, in the universe of ‘Westworld,’ doesn’t necessarily mean the conclusion of one’s existence at all. Stubbs’ death can be a narrative development to increase the tension of the fourth season finale just like his fatal wound is in the third season finale. If the show gets renewed, we can look forward to seeing Hemsworth’s Stubbs present in Westworld, as part of Dolores’ game, possibly along with Bernard.

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