Is Baby Blue a Real Band? Is Cory Hunt a Real Guitarist? Where Are They Now?

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Created by Nancy Oliver, Peacock’s biographical drama series ‘Angelyne’ revolves around the life of the eponymous singer, actress, model, and media personality. The first episode of the show follows Angelyne’s encounter with guitarist Cory Hunt and his band Baby Blue. Angelyne joins the band as a singer and performs at several Los Angeles clubs, including the renowned Whisky. Angelyne soon becomes the face of the band and the recognition she garners acts as her stepping stone to fame. Naturally, our readers must be wondering whether Cory and Baby Blue have real-life connections. Let’s find out!

Is Baby Blue a Real Band? Is Cory Hunt a Real Guitarist?

Yes, Baby Blue is a real band. The character Cory Hunt is seemingly based on Baby Blue’s guitarist Jordan Michaels, Angelyne’s then-boyfriend. Baby Blue was started sometime in the late 1970s. Angelyne joined the band through Jordan. As per reports, the band played at LA clubs like the Whisky and the Palladium and rehearsed at the punk rock club named the Masque. The band had also opened once for the Screamers at the Whisky along with Rubber City Rebels.

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In 1978, Baby Blue released their first and likely only single titled “Rock ‘n Roll Rebel”/”Fantasy Man.” Reports state that a thousand copies of the recording were produced and were mainly released in England. According to Angelyne, Jordan believed that their band should prove first in England for them to make it in the United States, which made them release the recording mainly in England. Jordan collaborated with Angelyne for the latter’s debut studio album named ‘Angelyne.’ He chiefly produced the album with Dale Carroll and Leonard Johnson and also played guitar for the same.

Jordan Michaels was originally based in New York but came to Hollywood and was present in the music scene of California for 15 years. Jordan was involved with a progressive pop fusion group named Daddy Warbucks. The guitarist had also opened for bands like Blue Öyster Cult and UFO. Jordan released a single titled “No Man Is An Island” in 1981 and another one titled “Wild Thing” in 1982. An album named ‘Armageddon’ was released in 1982 as well. He founded Hollywood Video Productions in 1986.

Where are Baby Blue and Cory Hunt Now?

Jordan Michaels//Image Credit: Discogs

As per reports, Baby Blue lasted only till about 1984. Angelyne went on to become one of the most popular individuals in Los Angeles. Jordan Michaels eventually returned to New York. He formed a band named Flashtrash, based in NY, and serves as its producer and guitarist. The band released an album named ‘Garbage Sells’ for Jordan’s label Hollyvid Records. Over the years, he has played in several New York venues and clubs like Lion’s Den and Elbow Room. He has chosen to keep his personal life private.

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