Is Beth Cheating on Rip in Yellowstone? Why Is She With Walker?

In ‘Yellowstone‘ season 4, the dynamics between various characters change as they make difficult choices with each passing week. However, fans of the show have always been sure that no matter what, the dynamic between Rip and Beth will never change The lovers have been together a long time and have a solid relationship based on a mutual understanding that is a highlight of the show.

Nonetheless, a major moment in the season’s penultimate episode is bound to confuse viewers about the status of Beth and Rip’s relationship as Beth turns to Walker in a time of distress. So what’s going on between the two? And what does it mean for Beth and Rip’s relationship? Here’s everything you need to know in that regard! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Is Beth Cheating on Rip In Yellowstone?

In the ninth episode of ‘Yellowstone’ season 4, Beth is in for a scolding from her father, John. Rip and Carter promptly leave the scene and head to the bunkhouse. John reprimands Beth for landing Summer in jail and using the activist as a pawn to achieve her goal of hurting Market Equities. However, Beth insists that her actions are meant to protect the ranch. She feels no regret for her actions, and John is disappointed in Beth. The father-daughter pair have a falling out, and John asks Beth to leave the ranch. After such an emotionally distressing conversation, it is obvious that Beth would turn to Rip for some comfort.

Beth arrives at the bunkhouse, but she speaks to Walker instead of Rip. The scenario is enough for viewers to raise eyebrows. Some viewers might feel that Beth is trying to cheat on Rip with Walker as her emotional state has clouded her judgment. However, we can assure viewers that Beth certainly isn’t cheating on Rip, and we will discuss her actions with Walker in a moment. The important thing to note is that Beth and Rip’s relationship is very strong evident by their frequent conversations about marriage. Therefore, it is unlikely Beth will jeopardize that with a casual fling.

Why Is Beth With Walker?

Beth talks to Walker at the bunkhouse, and the duo heads to a barn. Beth asks Walker to play her a song as she is sad. Walker offers to play a happy song to cheer up Beth. However, Beth insists that he play a sad song to let her emotions loose. As Walker sings, Beth cries her heart out. Rip notices the scenario from afar and walks away.

Although the scene can be interpreted differently, the most likely explanation is that Beth wants to cry but does not want Rip to see her in an emotionally vulnerable state. Viewers and Rip know that expressing her emotions isn’t Beth’s best suit. Moreover, Beth’s falling out with her father is an unprecedented incident. Therefore, she likely wants to get her emotions in check before discussing it with Rip.

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