Is Summer Working For Beth in Yellowstone Season 4?

Yellowstone‘ season 4 is heading towards its climax, and a major storyline is unfolding concerning a supporting character. Fans of the show meet activist Summer Higgins in this season, who, despite her best intentions, has found herself at the center of politics in Montana. Some viewers believe that Summer is actually working for Beth. So what is the situation surrounding Summer and Beth, you ask? We deliver the answer to you! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens to Summer in Yellowstone Season 4?

Summer Higgins is the leader of a protest group and first appears in the fifth episode of ‘Yellowstone’ season 4 titled ‘Under a Blanket of Red.’ After her protest against the Livestock Department is thwarted, Summer becomes acquainted with John Dutton. He bails her out to show her his perspective on the issues Summer is fighting against. The two have a quick fling, after which they go their separate ways.

Later in the season, during the eighth episode, Summer gathers her fellow protestors in a display against the airport construction that Market Equities are overseeing. The project poses a huge threat to natural vegetation and animal life in the region and could have dire environmental consequences. Market Equities CEO Caroline Warner takes a diplomatic approach to handle the protestors on Beth’s advice. As per Beth’s plan, the media are removed from the site, and the Federal Agents show up and use brute force to get rid of the protestors. In the process, Summer attacks a Federal Agent, and charges are pressed against her.

Is Summer Working For Beth?

In the previous episode, Beth approaches Summer and directs the activist’s attention towards the airport construction. We know that Beth is working to destroy Market Equities from within, and this is her first step in that direction. However, Beth cannot directly do anything that could jeopardize her position within the company. Therefore, it appears that Beth is making Summer her pawn. In the eighth episode, the same is confirmed when Summer calls Beth after the Federal Agents show up at the protest site. Beth asks Summer if she is willing to take one for the team, implying that the two are working together against market Equities.

However, now that Summer finds herself in jail, it will be interesting to see if Beth bails her out. Although the narrative is still in Market Equities’ favor, it won’t take long for it to shift if Beth manages to pull off another such incident that tarnishes the company’s name. Summer could still be useful to Beth in that regard, but will Beth play the same card twice? We certainly cannot wait to find out what drama unfolds through Beth and Summer’s partnership.

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