Does John Dutton Know Who Attacked Him in Yellowstone? Will He Kill the Person?

Yellowstone‘ season 4 revolves around the Duttons’ quest for revenge against those who tried to harm their family. As the narrative progresses, John finds some crucial clues about the identity of the person who attacked him. However, John isn’t aware of the complete truth regarding the matter.

Therefore, any attempts from John to end the conflict by killing the culprit could spell bad news for the newly endorsed candidate for Governor of Montana. Will John find out the identity of the real mastermind of the attacks? Will John get his revenge? These are the burning questions of the hour, and here are our two cents on the matter! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Does John Know Who Attacked Him?

In the third season finale of ‘Yellowstone,’ a group of assailants attacks John Dutton and his family. In the season 4 premiere, John recovers from the attacks and begins to investigate the identity of the person who attacked him. John’s men finish off every last member of the militia that attacked the Duttons. However, the militia members were merely pawns acting on someone else’s orders. From Chief Rainwater, John learns about Riggins, the man who helped organize the hit on the Duttons.

Riggins has been in jail for a long time, and John asks Kayce to get Jamie’s help to corroborate Rainwater’s claims. Jamie looks into the matter and learns that his biological father, Garrett Randall, hired Riggins to organize and execute the strike on the Duttons. However, he chooses to keep this information a secret. Therefore, John isn’t aware that it is Garrett who planned the attack on his life. John still believes that the entire ordeal was Riggins’ doing.

Will John Kill the Person?

In the eighth episode of season 4, titled ‘No Kindness for the Coward,’ John talks with Rip about handling the situation concerning Riggins. John has already planned a meeting with Sheriff Haskell to deduce a way of having Riggins killed while he is in jail. Therefore, John clearly intends to kill Riggins and get his revenge. We would expect nothing less from the Dutton patriarch as those daring enough to cross the Duttons and swear enmity on them have seen a similar fate.

For now, the big twist that remains hidden from John is that the mastermind of the attacks is Garrett. With Jamie siding with Garrett, it seems unlikely that John will find out the truth. If he does find out about Garrett’s involvement in the attacks, John will certainly not spare him. However, John will likely have to put his plans for revenge on hold for the time being. With Jamie turning on the Duttons and the death of Sheriff Haskell, John is short on options of people who will do his dirty bidding while being on the side of the law. Therefore, it will be exciting to see how the conflict between John and Garrett concludes.

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