Is Caity Lotz Leaving Legends of Tomorrow?

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow‘ (or simply ‘Legends of Tomorrow’) is a DC Comics superhero series that follows a rag-tag team of heroes on their mission to protect the flow of time and fighting evil supervillains. The team is lead by the fearless Sara Lance/ White Canary for most of its tenure and has gone through various roster changes. With the slew of cast departures at the end of the show’s fifth season, fans began to grow concerned that actress Caity Lotz who plays the part, also might be headed for the exit door. If you are one of the worried fans looking for answers about Lotz’s potential departure, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything we know in that regard.

What Happened To Sara Lance on Legends of Tomorrow?

Sara Lance is first introduced in the pilot episode of the sister series ‘Arrow.’ She was presumed dead after the Queen’s Gambit submerged. However, it is revealed in the second season of ‘Arrow’ that she is alive and has assumed the vigilante identity of The Canary (later Black Canary) after being trained by the League of Assassins. She is later killed in a fight and revived by the Lazarus Pit. After her revival, she assumes the moniker of White Canary and is recruited by Rip Hunter to the Waverider crew.

Her ace martial arts skills and a strong sense of morality make her a formidable hero. In the second season of ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ she steps up in the absence of Rip and shows exceptional leadership abilities. She is made the official captain of the Waverider and serves in the role till the present. She fights alongside the other heroes during the Crisis and is revealed as the Paragon of Destiny. Recently, she has also developed the power of precognition and is in a romantic relationship with Ava Sharpe. A group of unknown aliens kidnaps her in the fifth season finale.

Is Caity Lotz Leaving Legends of Tomorrow?

Caity Lotz first appears as Sara Lance in the second season premiere of ‘Arrow’ (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood plays the character in the pilot episode). Lotz has been appearing in the role since 2013 and has been a cast member of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ since its first season. After Sara’s disappearance in the season 5 finale, fans began speculating that the actress might be preparing to bid farewell to the series.

The speculation arose due to the fact that Brandon Routh, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, and Courtney Ford, who essayed the roles of Ray Palmer/ The Atom, Charlie/ Clotho (Amaya Jiwe/ Vixen in seasons 2 & 3), and Nora Darhk, respectively, left the series at the end of season 5. Actor Dominic Purcell who essays the role Mick Rory/ Heat Wave, also announced his departure at the end of the show’s current sixth season.

This left Lotz as one of the two last-standing original main cast members of the series (Actress Amy Pemberton, who voices Gideon, the Waverider’s A.I. being the second). Not only that, but she is also one of the longest-serving cast members in the entire ‘Arrowverse’ franchise. This is exactly the reason we believe Lotz is not going to leave the series any time soon.

Her character’s disappearance is addressed in the season 6 premiere and is set to play an important role in the season’s story, as revealed by Lotz in an IG live with EW. She also spoke about the challenges and fun she had while filming the new season. Lotz’s words indicate that she is enjoying her time on the series, further crushing the rumors of her exit.

The actress also shared pictures from the last day of filming for ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season 6 on her Instagram account, confirming she will appear in the entire season. For now, fans can enjoy Lotz’s power-packed performance in the sixth season of the series, which has already been renewed for season 7.

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