Is Camille Pregnant? Who is the Father of Her Baby in Emily in Paris?

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The third season of Netflix’s romantic seriesEmily in Paris’ follows the relationship of Gabriel and Camille, who get back together in the second season finale. Gabriel, who doesn’t know that Camille returned to his life by breaking a pact made by her and Emily Cooper, starts to think about the next stage of his life with his lover. After renovating his restaurant with the help of Antoine Lambert and Alfie, he decides that it is time for him to take his togetherness with Camille to marriage. In the third season finale, Gabriel opens up about his reason behind the wish to marry Camille to Emily, making the viewers wonder whether Camille is pregnant. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Camille Pregnant?

Yes, Camille is pregnant. In the second season finale, Camille gets back together with Gabriel after the couple breaks up due to the presence of Emily in between them. However, Camille grows distant from the chef when she gets intimately connected with Sofia, an artist whose installation is displayed in the art gallery Camille works at. By pretending to be assisting the artist, Camille leaves for Greece with Sofia and they form a strong bond. Camille ignores Gabriel completely, only for the chef to seek comfort in Emily. Gabriel’s words and actions convey to Emily that the former’s relationship with Camille is just a namesake one.

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However, the same Gabriel astounds Emily by sharing his desire to marry Camille out of the blue. While Camille is in Greece, she realizes that she is pregnant and rushes to Paris to share the news with Gabriel, who has been longing to raise kids and finally settle in life. He has always dreamed of becoming a Michelin-starred chef, running a better and larger restaurant, and having children. Thus, he aspires to fulfill the same when Camille returns to his life from Sofia to reveal that she is pregnant. The chef must have thought that Camille’s pregnancy will bind them together as a family, which makes him think of marrying her and forget the way she treated him while she was away in Greece.

Likewise, Camille must have thought she cannot unite with Sofia when she is pregnant with another person’s child. She may not want to be in a relationship with the artist when there is a baby not related to the latter comes between them. Hence, she agrees to marry Gabriel after nearly cutting him off from her life.

Who is the Father of Camille’s Baby?

Since Camille hasn’t been seeing anyone else other than Gabriel and Sofia, it is evident that Gabriel is the father of the former’s baby. Since the chef becomes an inevitable presence in Camille’s life through their baby, the latter decides against uniting with Sofia and proposes to Gabriel. She even ends up at the altar to marry the father of her baby but decides against it when the truth that she doesn’t love him and he doesn’t love her wholeheartedly overwhelms her. Thus, Camille may return to Sofia to unite with her and they may become the moms of her unborn child.

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The realization that he is going to be a father makes Gabriel forgive Camille and ignore his feelings for Emily. Although half-heartedly, he envisions a future with Camille and their child. Now that Camille breaks up with him, her pregnancy may affect Gabriel’s future severely. In the third season finale, Gabriel and Emily acknowledge their feelings for one another. But Emily may not be able to unite with Gabriel without considering the unavoidable presence of the latter and Camille’s baby. Emily knows that ending up together with Gabriel is a life-altering decision considering how she will be a step-mom in the near future if the same happens.

In the upcoming fourth season of the show, we can expect to see how Camille’s pregnancy will influence Emily’s decision concerning a future with Gabriel. If she is not prepared to accept Camille and her baby’s significance in Gabriel’s life, her feelings for the chef may torment her until she succeeds in burying them in a corner of her heart.

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