Is Carver Dead? Did Manny Montana Leave Westworld?

The fourth season of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld’ follows Charlotte Hale’s attempts to capture Maeve Millay and Caleb Nichols through William AKA the Man in Black. Caleb realizes that he should confront William before the latter could do any harm to his family. He asks Carver to look after his partner Uwade and daughter Frankie and sets out to find William with Maeve. Carver’s mission to safeguard Caleb’s family paves the way for life-threatening consequences for the young man. If you want to find out whether he is dead, you are at the right place. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Carver Dead?

Yes, Carver is dead. When Caleb goes to find William and eventually ends up at Delos’ new park, Hale realizes that she should capture Caleb’s family to keep him in a disadvantageous position. To fulfill Hale’s wish, her “soldiers” may have arrived at Caleb’s residence. Carver, who protects Uwade and Frankie, gets killed so that the family can be captured for Hale. Hale also creates a host with the appearance of Carver so that the host can be used to trick Uwade and Frankie to transport them to her by pretending to take them to a safe place. But Frankie finds out the truth about the host Carver.

Upon seeing blood in her house, Frankie follows a trail of the same and finds the human Carver’s dead body in a bin. She lets her mother Uwade knows that the person trying to take them to an unknown place is an imposter. Uwade takes a gun and asks Frankie to hide. The daughter hides in a closet, only for the host Carver to realize that his real identity is unveiled. Still, he searches for Frankie and finally finds her but Uwade emerges and kills him before he could harm Frankie in any way. With the host and human version’s deaths, Carver ceases to exist.

Since Hale has already captured Caleb, she doesn’t have to recreate Carver, which indicates that the host version’s death most likely marks the end of Carver’s life. So, does that mean we have seen the last of Manny Montana in the science-fiction show? Let’s see.

Did Manny Montana Leave Westworld?

Even though neither HBO nor Manny Montana has formally announced the actor’s exit from ‘Westworld,’ Carver’s death indicates that Manny had most likely departed from the show. The unlikeliness of Hale creating another host in the appearance of Carver, especially twenty-three years after the death of human Caleb, leads us to the conclusion that we may not see Manny in the upcoming episodes of the show. However, the admirers of the actor can be excited about his other projects.

The ’Good Girls’ star is part of the main cast of Disney+’s Marvel series ‘Ironheart,’ which follows the eponymous Marvel Comics character Riri Williams/Ironheart, an inventor with a suit of armor that rivals the armor of Iron Man. Manny’s role hasn’t been disclosed yet. Even though we may not see Manny’s Carver again, we can look forward to watching the talented actor in ‘Ironheart.’

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