Is Dolphin Tale on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Prime, or HBO Max?

Loosely based on the eponymous book inspired by true events, ‘Dolphin Tale’ is a 2011 family drama movie highlighting the beautiful bond a young boy and an injured dolphin share as he helps the latter recover. Directed by Charles Martin Smith, the movie features some stellar performances from a talented cast comprising Nathan Gamble, Harry Connick Jr., Ashley Judd, Kris Kristofferson, and Morgan Freeman. If you are curious about the dolphin’s inspirational tale, you must be eager to learn more about this movie, including where you can watch it. Well, here is all the information you might require!

What is Dolphin Tale About?

‘Dolphin Tales’ follows a lonely 11-year-old boy named Sawyer Nelson who finds and frees an injured dolphin, Winter, trapped in a crab trap on the shore. As he spends more time with her, they both become quite attached to one another. However, being in a critical condition, the dolphin’s tail must be removed to save her life. Sawyer doesn’t lose hope as he thinks if Winter is given a prosthetic tail, she can get back into the water and swim again. Now, if you wish to witness the heartwarming friendship between the boy and the dolphin, you will need to watch the movie yourself, and here are all the ways you can do so!

Is Dolphin Tale on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t house ‘Dolphin Tale’ in its extensive content library. Although, you can still utilize your subscription by turning to other alternatives that the streaming giant houses, such as ‘Benji‘ and ‘Rescued By Ruby.’

Is Dolphin Tale on Hulu?

Hulu subscribers will need to look for ‘Dolphin Tale’ on other platforms as the drama movie is not a part of the streamer’s massive catalog. Alternatively, you can opt for similar films, including ‘Mr. Popper’s Penguins‘ and ‘The Tiger Rising.’

Is Dolphin Tale on Amazon Prime?

Though ‘Dolphin Tale’ is not included in Amazon Prime’s regular offerings, you have the option to purchase the movie on the streaming giant. You can learn all about it by heading here! Meanwhile, you can enjoy other free movies using your regular subscription. We recommend you watch ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog‘ and ‘Oddball.’

Is Dolphin Tale on HBO Max?

We bring good news for HBO Max subscribers! Yes, ‘Dolphin Tale’ is available for streaming on this platform; you can watch the movie here!

Is Dolphin Tale on Disney+?

No, ‘Dolphin Tale’ is not a part of Disney+’s movie collection. Nonetheless, don’t let it disappoint as the streamer hosts some excellent alternatives, such as ‘Black Beauty‘ and ‘The One and Only Ivan.’

Where to Watch Dolphin Tale Online?

Apart from HBO Max, you can stream ‘Dolphin Tale’ on Xfinity. Furthermore, you can purchase or rent the family drama on DirecTV, Vudu, iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Store, AMC On Demand, and YouTube.

How to Stream Dolphin Tale For Free?

Fortunately, Xfinity grants all its new users free access to its content for the first 30 days, while DirecTV offers a 5-day free trial. This means you can take advantage of these offers and watch ‘Dolphin Tale’ free of cost. Having said that, we encourage our readers to always pay for the content they wish to consume instead of resorting to illegal methods.

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