Is Eagly in Peacemaker CGI Or Real?

Created by James Gunn, ‘Peacemaker’ follows the eponymous character on a new mission wherein he must deal with the nefarious Project Butterfly. The superhero series also sheds light on the anti-hero’s past and upbringing, revealing key details that help us understand and empathize with his superficially arrogant and sometimes offensive personality.

One such key element of Peacemaker’s life is his pet bald eagle, who he has named Eagly. The pet bird steals every scene he is in and proves to be a capable sidekick for the protagonist. If you are wondering whether Eagly is a real eagle or a CGI creation, here’s everything you need to know!

Is Eagly in Peacemaker CGI Or Real?

In the series premiere episode of ‘Peacemaker,’ Christopher Smith/Peacemaker arrives at his father’s doorsteps. August Smith is less than thrilled to see his son, who has recently returned from prison after surviving a deadly mission in Corto Maltese. It appears as though Peacemaker is trying to reconnect with his father, but he is just there to pick up his best pal, a bald eagle named Eagly. The bird is Peacemaker’s sidekick and appears to adore the superhuman. After reuniting with its master, Eagley hugs Peacemaker in a heart-touching moment.

Of course, Eagley is not the first pet sidekick in a live-action superhero television series. Fans will undoubtedly remember Krypto from fellow DC Comics series ‘Titans‘ and Lucky the Pizza Dog from Marvel’s ‘Hawkeye’ as notable examples. However, what makes Eagley special is he is a bald eagle. The bird species is the national animal of the United States and serves as a sly nod to Peacemaker’s misguided sense of patriotism.

The series features quite a lot of interaction between Eagly and Peacemaker. Therefore, it is no surprise that the makers chose to create the character using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). Bald Eagles can be very sensitive to human behavior and are also hard to tame. Moreover, Eagly performs some specific moves on the screen, which would be time-consuming and difficult to film with a real eagle.

Typically, the voice of a bald eagle is substituted with the call of the red-tailed hawk in films and shows, but that is not what the makers have opted to do in the series. Instead, noted voice actor Dee Bradley Baker provides the voice of Eagly in the series. Baker is known for voicing several popular characters in shows such as ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ and ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender.’ Baker also provided the voice of Sebastian the Rat in the 2021 film ‘The Suicide Squad,’ which is set before the events of the series and marks the screen debut of John Cena as Peacemaker.

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