Is Farzi’s Mansoor Dalal Inspired by a Real Gangster?

Thanks to the direction of the fantastic duo of Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK, famously known as Raj and DK, Amazon Prime’s ‘Farzi’ has captivated the viewers with a storyline that is refreshing and nail-biting. The Indian black comedy crime series introduces viewers to a plethora of characters who have their distinct places in the tumultuous world of counterfeit currency that we get to be a part of.

However, few characters from the show have captured the viewers’ attention, like Mansoor Dalal. Essayed by the talented Kay Kay Menon, the gangster steals the show from his very first appearance. Needless to say, people are eager to learn everything they can about how the character came to be and if it is based on an actual person. Well, let’s explore and find the answers together, shall we?

Mansoor Dalal is an Original Character

No, Mansoor Dalal is not based on an actual gangster and is an original character with unique quirks. For the creators of the show, Kay Kay Menon was their first choice for the portrayal of Mansoor. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, it initially seemed like the actor could not take the role. Rather than giving up, Raj and DK worked around Menon’s schedule to ensure that he could portray Mansoor Dalal and bring their vision to life.

Menon himself seems to have enjoyed essaying the role and the challenge it posed in terms of acting. Calling his character “outlandish,” the actor appreciated the “swag” that was an integral part of the fake currency crimelord. Throughout the show, one can easily see the variety of characteristics that make Mansoor Dalal what he is. His flamboyance somehow contrasts yet goes hand in hand with his ruthless side, as he casually kills people or orders others to do the deed for him.

Given the depth and range of the gangster’s character, it is easy to see Menon’s talent shine through. After all, it is hard to convey comedy without a single word, yet the character’s realization that he has been duped big time by Sunny(portrayed by Shahid Kapoor) never fails to get a laugh. Mansoor’s dynamic with Vijay Sethupathi’s Michael Vedanayagam is also an exciting aspect of the character as they exchange quips despite their less-than-happy history. Even after the range of emotions and situations that Mansoor goes through, there is a consistency in his character that Menon enjoyed portraying as much as the public loved to see it.

In other words, Mansoor Dalal is a character that embodies a plethora of characteristics in a way that is hard not to appreciate. Even his last name can be considered a hint towards his chosen profession, as “Dalal” is a Hindi-language term used for middlemen within various industries. Fans of the series will not hesitate to connect the meaning of his last name and the role that Mansoor plays in the show’s narrative.

Besides, a large part of Mansoor’s charm can be attributed to the skills of Kay Kay Menon, whose work within the entertainment industry is nothing short of commendable. His dynamic with Shahid Kapoor remains as strong as ever, with the public happy to see them together after their collective appearance in the 2014 crime thriller movieHaider.’ Moreover, Menon’s chemistry with Vijay Sethupathi is also evident and provides the viewers with a rivalry that is easy to enjoy.

At the end of the day, the character of Mansoor Dalal is an original one and plays an integral role in the black comedy series. Thanks to Kay Kay Menon, the gangster shines throughout the story and delivers some memorable lines. The actor’s hard work only increases the uniqueness of its existence as he infuses his charm and personality to bring it to life and give viewers the fake currency crimelord they need.

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