Hallmark’s Ride: Is the Series Inspired by a True Story?

Hallmark’s ‘Ride’ is a family drama series created by Chris Masi that entails the lives of the McMurrays, a rodeo family from Colorado. It delves into the journey of multiple characters, such as Missy, who struggles to connect with her family. Meanwhile, Isabel is the matriarch who holds them together, and Cash must carry forward their heritage. Not just that, Austin is the Bull Riding champion, and the youngest among them all is the cheeky and charming Tuff.

The McMurrays’ familial ties are stiff after an incident, and all the members must work together to preserve their legacy. If you adore the Hallmark series for its flawless depiction of family dynamics and are awestruck by the rodeo champions, you might wonder if the McMurrays are based on a real-life family. In that case, here’s all you need to know about the same.

Ride: Inspired Fiction with Roots in Rodeo Tradition

No, ‘Ride’ is not based on a true story. Yet, it is undoubtedly layered with multiple inspirations from the real world. The show is written by Rebecca Boss and Chris Masi, who have added an exciting element of rodeo sports to the series. It arises from the fields of Spain and Mexico, where equestrians flaunt their riding skills and control on bulls, broncos, and cows.

The McMurrays are shown to reside in Colorado, which has a rich tradition of this sport that ranges from small-town gatherings to national events. In summer, the state arranges more than two dozen such competitions. One of them is Greeley Stampede, attended by quarter-million people, so one can imagine the scale and the love that locals behold for the rodeo.

In the show, Bull Riding is the most prominent rodeo sport where a rider mounts a bucking bull and must stay put to be scored for at least eight seconds as the bull tries his best to knock off the person. Moreover, the rider cannot touch the bull or the ropes tied for grip with their free hand. It also showcases a Barrel Racing champion, where a horse rider has to maneuver the horse in a cloverleaf pattern. The victory lies in the rider’s horsemanship and the horse’s athletic abilities.

Besides, ‘Ride’ depicts how families can become dysfunctional after a tragedy. For the most part, it is common for the members to be distressed, experience strong physical or emotional reactions, and act unnatural, eventually leading to recovery. As studies suggest, some of the most common feelings are emotional numbness, fatigue, stress, detachment, and even anger. According to Terence T. Gorski, the author of, ‘Getting Love Right: Learning the Choices of Healthy Intimacy.’ an estimated 70 to 80 percent of people live in dysfunctional families.

In an interview, Nancy Travis who essays the character of Isabel McMurray, spoke about how she accesses her character’s point of view. She said, ” Every actor craves big stakes, and it comes down to what are you willing to fight for and how are you going to fight for it and what matters. For Isabel, her family matters. Even though the ranch is her big focal point and passion in her life, and the family is very much a rodeo family, and that’s a very big factor in their lives, she’d take a bullet for her family and will claw somebody’s eyes out to protect them. That’s what drives her.”

The Hallmark show’s premise shares similarities with the popular drama series ‘Yellowstone,’ which also revolves around a family where the Duttons are under the guidance of a strong patriarch as they continue to sustain their sixth-generational family of homesteaders. However, the show entails politics, drama, and crime and leans more toward being violent. ‘Heartland’ is another country drama show with akin plot junctures about a girl named Amy, who reconnects with her family when her mother passes away.

Tiera Skovbye, who essays the character of Missy McMurray, is married into the family but struggles to find her place; she portrays the less-discussed issue of women adapting to new households after marriage. Most women have to adjust, change their habits, be restricted, and even change their identities after entering their husbands’ homes. This might lead to feeling disconnected and left out while trying to participate with the members actively.

Considering the facts mentioned above, the plot junctures for ‘Ride’ are based on real-life sports, a keen observation of dysfunctional families, and women’s struggles. Therefore, the Hallmark series is not based on a true story but does combine non-fiction and fictional elements to create a compelling narrative.

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