Is Hans an Alien? Does He Die in Chosen?

Developed by the dynamic duo of Jannik Tai Mosholt and Christian Potalivo, the Danish-original sci-fi thriller series ‘Chosen’ unveils a world infested with aliens. The story follows Emma, easily angry and an outsider in her surroundings, whose life turns upside down when she probes into the authenticity of a meteor. In the small town of Middlebo, built around an impact crater, people are prone to conceal identities and truths. Emma teams up with a gang of teenage investigators to decode the town’s mystery. But the story veers off the cliff with the sudden disappearance of biology teacher Hans. Is Hans an alien, as Emma thinks? Let us take a look at Hans’ past lineage and present fate. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Hans an Alien?

Shortly after her initiation into the gang, Emma and Marie stay on the lookout outside Emma’s psychiatrist Susan’s house. Meanwhile, a car stops on the side of the road, and to Emma’s dismay, biology teacher Hans comes out of the vehicle. Emma concludes that Susan and Hans are having an affair. But the mystery deepens when Hans invites her to his home out of the blue. While Hans probably thinks of showing Emma his fungi collection, Emma believes that the summoning has to do something with their previous discovery. Both Emma’s mother and Susan ask Emma to avoid Hans at all costs but encouraged by Mads and the group, Emma decides to take her chances.

At Hans’s household, he has something important to say to Emma, but after a call (most probably with Lykke), Hans decides to shoo her away. Marie turns up looking for Emma, and Hans grows some mistrust. Meanwhile, a swift masked man breaks into Hans’ household. Hans plants a ball on Emma’s neck in the nick of time, giving her a brief tour of the galaxy. Emma wakes up, and the previous day’s memory lingers in her mind as if a dream. However, she realizes that there may be some truth involved in the dream since Hans disappears the following morning.

Substitute teacher Lukas appears in place of Hans, while Emma deduces the person on Hans’ voicemail to be someone else. Mads does not buy her theory that the biology teacher is an alien. Meanwhile, Emma revisits the incident at Hans’ place after finding the blue orb planted on her neck. When Emma goes to Mads with the proof, he is impressed, while Emma starts to believe that she is the chosen one. Mads deduces the light and sound of the orb to be a signal, which seemingly points towards an abandoned sawmill just outside the town. Emma, Marie, and Frederik drive to the mill to one-up Mads. The tour reveals that the biology teacher is not dead, and there is an alien organism sitting in the mill.

Frederik and Marie are detected and propelled by misinformation provided by Mads, they drive away, leaving Emma to deal with a bunch of aliens. Well, Emma flees the scene and stumbles upon Lukas. To Emma’s dismay, Lukas hunts down the biology teacher while the latter uses the portable toilet. Lukas drags him near the car dump, and by the time Emma reaches there, Hans is already dead. Hans’ blood, like Emma’s, is white, revealing their species kinship. Considering the unidentified fungi in his house and the color of his blood, Hans is most definitely an alien.

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