Is Kit Tanthalos Dead? Is Ruby Cruz Leaving Willow?

Portrayed by Ruby Cruz, Kit Tanthalos is one of the main characters of the Disney+ fantasy series ‘Willow.’ She is the daughter of Madmartigan and Sorsha and a princess of Tir Asleen. After her brother Airk is abducted by the Gales, the agents of the Crone, Kit embarks on a perilous adventure to rescue him. About a decade earlier, Madmartigan disappeared while looking for the magical Kymerian Cuirass. As she comes to know that it was all because her parents wanted to protect Elora Danan, the Chosen One, a part of her feels angry. This manifests in episode 6, titled ‘Prisoners of Skellin.’ If the events of this episode have made you wonder whether Kit Tanthalos is dead and Ruby Cruza is leaving ‘Willow,’ this is what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Kit Tanthalos Dead?

No, Kit Tanthalos is most likely not dead in ‘Willow,’ even though episode 6 ends on a cliffhanger. In the previous episode, trolls abduct Kit and Willow, bring them to the Dread Mines of Skellin, and put them in cages. This is where Kit meets Allagash (Christian Slater), an old friend of her father. He initially claims to be Madmartigan himself before realizing who Willow and Kit are. They escape from the trolls together and begin traveling downwards. Allagash originally came to Skellin with Madmartigan in search of the Cuirass. He claims that it was Boorman who betrayed the questers, but as we later learn, it was Allagash all along. However, as Boorman was her father’s squire at the time and he left him, Kit holds him responsible as well.

Kit and Willow reunite with the others and locate the tomb of the legendary Newlyn adventurer Wiggleheim, who reportedly found and was buried with the Cuirass. Kit hopes her father will be on the other end of the tomb’s gate, but when it opens, she discovers that he has ventured further down into the cave. Allagash tells Kit her father would have wanted her to watch over the Chosen One before sacrificing himself to protect Kit, Elora, and the others by taking on a horde of trolls on his own.

When the group reaches the base of the troll city, they discover the reasons for the constant earthquakes they have been experiencing. Apparently, Elora’s magic has liquified the ground. Kit confronts Elora, demanding to know why Madmartigan chose her over his own daughter. Just then, a massive chuck of earth falls and breaks the surface of the ground around Kit’s feet, taking her down into the liquified abyss. Before she can swim back up, the crack closes, and no matter what the others do, it refuses to break again.

Is Ruby Cruz Leaving Willow?

Kit is one of the main characters of the show, so it’s extremely unlikely that Cruz is leaving the show in its first season. Her character’s arc is far from complete, as they are nowhere near finding Airk yet. Furthermore, there will probably be scenes in the prospective future seasons where Kit has a conversation with her father and brings up the issues she spoke about in episode 6.

Despite ‘Willow’ being a fairly new show, Cruz’s performance has made her popular. She also clearly loves portraying the character. “She’s so strong and she’s so brave and she’s so sure of herself, which I really admire that, but she’s also so abrasive, so reactive, so quick to just blow up and not think before she speaks. I feel like there were moments in the beginning where it’s like, you want people to root for this character, you know? You want people to ultimately like her even though she is so mean. I think I was thinking about that in the beginning. But I think, as time went on and as I learned more about her, that I [thought] that is what makes her so special and so beautiful is that she is so messy and has no idea what she’s talking about most of the time and gets herself into trouble and is wrong about things,” Cruz told Collider.

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