Lifetime’s Engaged to Be Murdered: Is the Movie Inspired by Real Life?

Directed by Keegan Connor Tracy, ‘Engaged to be Murdered,’ AKA ‘Meet My Mother,’ is a Lifetime thriller movie. As a mother, Amanda Finley is worried that her son Jackson Finley may have made a huge mistake. Amanda believes that her son’s partner, Olivia, whom he hopes to marry, is up to no good and is only with her son for his money. In order to safeguard her son’s interests, the mother takes drastic actions, the result of which may be too dire to imagine.

With Sarah-Jane Redmond, Madison Smith, and Erin Boyes as part of the movie’s acting crew, it’s no wonder that the viewers cannot help but be heavily invested in the story. The twists and turns within the story compel the audience to analyze different details in the movie. Many admirers of the movie have also drawn comparisons between the plot and true events. Well, we are here to explore the same and find out if the film is based on a real-life tale.

Engaged to Be Murdered is a Fictional Tale

No, ‘Engaged to be Murdered’ is not based on a true story. In fact, the film tells a fictional tale of three family members who find themselves surrounded by actions and consequences born out of paranoia. Under the direction of Keegan Connor Tracy, the story was adapted into its on-screen version that has charmed many in the audience. This was far from Keegan’s first time on the director’s chair as she has also helmed ‘Scented with Love’ and ‘Cradle Did Fall.’

Despite the fact that the Lifetime thriller is not actually a depiction of true events, it does share several elements with real life that one cannot easily look over. The themes of strife are common among family members, whether on-screen or off-screen. Add in financial matters, and the conflicts end up becoming even more sinister. Additionally, the movie plays on the motherly feelings of Amanda’s character to create suspicion that paves the path for upcoming events.

In the 1960s, the nation was horrified by a murder that took place in California. This particular case involved a mother who had made her son the center of her life. When said son decided to get married to his pregnant partner, the mother started harassing the younger woman and contributed to the couple’s split. She even went so far as to obtain an illegal annulment of their marriage. This was done by hiring a man to pretend to be her son while she posed as her daughter-in-law. In the end, she hired two men to kill the seven-month-pregnant woman.

‘Monster-in-Law’ (2005)

Such a haunting story makes one realize that movies are indeed often visible in true stories. The Lifetime movie is no different, given the similarities that it shares with several real-life cases. Even the entertainment industry is known for playing up the love that a mother may have for her son, leading her to create issues for her prospective daughter-in-law. A great example of this is ‘Monster-in-Law,’ a 2005 movie starring Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez that takes a comedic spin on the concept.

Needless to say, the realism of ‘Engaged to be Murdered’ is a combination of familiar elements from real life as well as the fictional world. The concept of the movie keeps the viewers entertained as they are able to empathize with each character on a certain level, though some end up committing extreme actions from which it might be hard to return.

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