Is Lifetime’s Secrets at the Museum Inspired by a True Story?

With Glenn Ciano at the helm, Lifetime’s ‘Secrets at the Museum’ is a thriller movie that features Chelsea Vale as Natalie Freeman, an independent artist who is not on speaking terms with her father, especially after her mother’s tragic demise. She uses her late mother’s maiden name as she prefers to keep her identity a secret from everyone, including her artist boyfriend, Alex, in order to make a name for herself due to her art and not because her family owns the prominent Freeman Museum. But as fate would have it, she becomes the owner of the museum, with the help of her late father’s assistant, Derrick, after the suspicious death of her father.

Sooner rather than later, Natalie notices that some of the paintings in the Freeman Museum have been replaced with counterfeits. When she couples that with the fact that her father died under some suspicious circumstances, she realizes that she is not the only one with secrets. In her quest to get to the bottom of the truth, she comes across certain dangers that are threatening to the museum as well as her life. Since the Lifetime film is sprinkled with several realistic themes and elements, like family secrets and murder, the viewers are bound to question if it is rooted in reality or not. If you are curious about that, let’s delve into the details together, shall we?

Secrets at the Museum is Not Based on a True Story

No, ‘Secrets at the Museum’ is not based on a true story. Known for other thrillers like ‘A Mother’s Lie,’ ‘Killer Ambition,’ ‘My Daughter’s Deadly Roommates,’ and ‘Her Study of A Killer,’ Amy Irons must be credited for the screenplay of the mystery thriller film. The screenwriter made the most of her creative mind, experience in the industry, and brilliant writing prowess in order to come up with a gripping yet seemingly realistic script.

The themes of a dysfunctional relationship between a daughter and her father and family secrets are not something unheard of in real life as most of us have gone through or know someone in a similar situation, which is the reason you might find the film true to life. Apart from that, there have been a number of movies and TV shows that focus on the secrets of a particular establishment, giving you the impression that the subject matter in ‘Secrets at the Museum’ is familiar. One of the aptest examples has to be that of Lifetime’s ‘Secrets in the Building.’

The Doug Campbell directorial is a thriller movie that centers upon Michelle who shifts to a new condo with her daughter Norah, after the tragic death of her husband. Soon, they end up becoming good friends with fellow mother-daughter tenants, Helene and Channing, which doesn’t sit well with the maintenance worker. As more intricate relationships get formed, Michelle and Norah come under the crossfire of someone who wants to do everything possible to get them out of the building, which is somewhat similar to what Natalie goes through in ‘Secrets at the Museum’ as someone close to her intends to destroy the museum and threaten her life. So, although the Glenn Ciano directorial consists of some seemingly realistic themes, it doesn’t change the fact that the Lifetime movie is a work of fiction!

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