Lifetime’s Her Study of a Killer: Filming Locations and Cast Details

Directed by Marieke Niestadt, Lifetime’s ‘Her Study of a Killer’ (originally titled ‘High School Revenge’) is a thriller movie that revolves around the group of Liberty High School’s alumni who are looking forward to celebrating their 15-year reunion. However, things turn dark when one of the most beloved and eldest teachers, Ms. Meadows, is found dead. This tragedy sparks a deadly series of events that affects Ellie, who must try to get to the bottom of the truth.

She embarks on a mission to find out who is to blame for Ms. Meadows’ death before her family gets hurt. While the thrilling narrative keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats from the beginning to the end, the use of some interesting locations, such as the high school as a backdrop, is bound to make you curious about the actual filming sites of ‘Her Study of a Killer.’ In that case, you might be interested in what we have to share regarding the same!

Her Study of a Killer: Where Was it Filmed?

‘Her Study of a Killer’ was filmed in its entirety in California, particularly in Los Angeles. The principal photography for the thriller film reportedly commenced in June 2022 and wrapped up in 12 days or two weeks, in early July of the same year. Given California’s vast and diverse landscape and production facilities, it makes for a suitable filming site for different kinds of productions, including ‘Her Study of a Killer.’ Now, without further ado, let’s traverse through all the specific sites that appear in the Lifetime movie!

Los Angeles, California

All the pivotal sequences for ‘Her Study of a Killer’ were lensed in and around the sprawling city of Los Angeles in California. From the looks of it, the filming unit seemingly traveled across the city to shoot various important portions of the film against suitable backdrops. The scenes set in Liberty High School were either shot on location at an actual institutional building or on a sound stage at one of the many film studios in and around LA.

Situated in Southern California, the City of Angels has flat as well as hilly terrains, giving it a unique landscape. As for the city’s economy, it is driven by numerous sectors, including aerospace, entertainment, apparel, fashion, technology, petroleum, international trade, and tourism. Every year, millions of tourists pay a visit to Los Angeles in order to explore its sites and culture.

There are many museums, galleries, libraries, and other landmarks in LA that attract tourists from all over the globe. Some of them are the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Getty Center, the Petersen Automotive Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Huntington Library, the Los Angeles Public Library, the Hollywood Sign, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, and the Venice Canal Historic District.

Apart from tourists, many filmmakers frequent Los Angeles every once in a while for shooting purposes. In fact, the city has hosted the production of a number of film projects over the years; some of the notable ones include ‘Don’t Worry Darling,’ ‘Emily the Criminal,’ ‘Scandal,’ and ‘Sons of Anarchy.’

Her Study of a Killer Cast

Natasha Wilson essays the role of Ellie in the Lifetime thriller movie. Some of you may find her face familiar because she has made a name for herself due to her stunning performances in quite a few film projects over the course of her acting career. Some of her notable credits include ‘Once Upon a Time,’ ‘UnREAL,’ and ‘Continuum.’

In supportive yet pivotal roles, the film features impressive onscreen performances from Shannon Gisela (Brooklyn), Tyler Courtad (Daniel), Tammy-Anne Fortuin (Jasmine), Jenna Michno (Averie), Casey O’Keefe (Tiffany), and ReSheda D. Terry (Indigo). Furthermore, Kyla Nova (Sadie), Thomas Copeland Jr. (Trevor), Jocelyn May (Principal Trammel), Maralyn Facey (Ms. Meadows), and Emily Day Blackwell (Nurse Tammy) play important roles in the movie as well.

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