Is Love is Blind: Japan Scripted or Real?

Following the flawless format of the original version, ‘Love is Blind: Japan’ is a dating series that centers around a group of singles as they try to find their forever partner without even setting sights on one another. It essentially explores the idea of falling in love with someone’s personality alone to answer the intriguing question of whether emotional connections can really surpass physical attractions or not. The nature of the show in itself is thus incredibly intimate, so if you are curious to know how much of it is authentic – if at all – we’ve got the details for you.

Is Love is Blind: Japan Scripted?

The entire ‘Love is Blind’ franchise has been billed as unscripted from the get-go, indicating that even the Japanese version is not staged or faked in any way, shape, or form. In other words, although there is a lot of planning involved to ensure sheer entertainment, no cast members are given any directions or pre-penned lines to make them different than who they are in front of the cameras. Yes, the producers also have a hand in how things flow due to the extensive resources utilized to bring about such a series together, but the emotions expressed are still genuine.

One of the prime examples of producer interference – for the lack of a better term –  is the one-on-one interviews of the contestants throughout their journey. After all, that’s when they’re responding to specific prompts or events they’ve experienced at the behest of those behind the scenes to make things even more compelling. It’s also when the latter can push certain topics to ensure that, apart from the participants’ feelings, a dramatized point of significance comes across as well. In some cases, it could honestly be deemed indirect influence at its finest.

Then there’s the post-production editing process the producers almost have complete control over, meaning that they can depict the cast members or the scenarios in any way they believe most exciting. From cutting and pasting scenes in an order that could make an occurrence go one step beyond to keeping out several unstimulating pod conversations entirely, they likely do it all. However, manipulating aspects into something they’re not isn’t their goal or even a possibility, especially considering the presence of different perspectives within this dating series. There are two, sometimes three (owing to the love triangles), sides to every story here.

Therefore, although it is not a far stretch to see how the show could rely on distinct tactics to pull in its viewers, the couples’ tales playing out in the way they do makes it evident that it just can’t be predetermined. They face such emotionally charged circumstances that it’s inconceivable even to think their relationships could include anything but their natural selves and sentiments.

We mean, just look at Ayano and Shuntaro’s entire pod journey. Taking into account her rocky connections, his feelings towards her, along with the final love triangle with Sho – that stuff merely can not be composed beforehand. In short, even with the producers pulling some strings from behind the scenes, ‘Love is Blind: Japan’ seems to be as real as they come, and hence not scripted.

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